Hard Times

aesthetic, hayley, and hayley williams image
tell my friends i'm coming down / we'll kick it when i hit the ground

Rose-Colored Boy

70's, hayley williams, and look image
you say we gotta look on the bright side / i say well maybe if you wanna go blind / you say my eyes are getting too dark now / boy, you ain't never seen my mind

Told You So

paramore, hayley williams, and zac farro image
i know you like / when i admit that i was wrong and you were right / at least i try / to keep my cool when i am thrown into a fire

Fake Happy

alternative, gif, and hayley williams image
you think i look alright with these mascara tears?

Pool (this is my absolutely favorite song by Paramore ugh)

hayley williams and paramore image
could've gotten the same rush / from any lover's touch / but why get used to something new? / cause no one breaks my heart like you

Idle Worship

aesthetic, bright, and hayley image
i know that you're afraid to let all that dark escape you / but we can't let the light illuminate these hopeless places


Image by hana
we used to be half alive / now i'm alright

Ain't It Fun

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ain't it good to be on your own? / ain't it fun / you can't count on no one


hayley williams and paramore image
so do you love me? / all you gotta do is say yes

(One Of Those) Crazy Girls

hayley williams and paramore image
now i walk under a pink sky / lovers float along and pass me by / i'll pour my heart out to your voicemail / let you know i caught a bus to your side of town / now i'm stand at your doorstep / with Los Angeles behind me / if you don't answer, i'll just use the key that i copied / cause i really need to see you

Paramore is a gift, I swear to god. anyway, thanks for reading (: