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  • Don’t load your hardest classes in one semester. Find out which classes within your major are rumored to be tough and divide them out throughout your time in college.
  • Don’t show up to class earlier than 10 mins early. The class before yours will likely still be in there finishing up, and you’ll either walk in in the middle of a lecture or have to stand outside for a long time. just get there 5-10 mins early and you’ll be fine!
  • Create a group chat for all of your classes. Find a few friends from class and make a group chat! this can be either on imessage, groupme, or whatever is most popular to use at your school. This can be your go-to place to ask questions about assignments, due dates, etc. before asking the professor!
  • As for class participation, quality>quantity. In most college classes (with the exception of huge lectures) participation accounts for a chunk of your grade, and some professors take that grade very seriously. However, this doesn’t mean you should raise your hand and talk whenever you find the opportunity- your professor (and your classmates, for that matter) will appreciate you much more if your comments and questions are less frequent and have more to add to the class.
  • The readings listed under a date in a class are due for that class, they are not homework for the next class. This is one of the biggest issues college freshman have at the beginning of their first semester, like me. Unless the professor specifically says otherwise, if the syllabus is set up to list each class individually with the readings underneath/beside the class, they are due for that class, not the next one.
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