Lips, together with eyes, are probably two most important parts of your face. So, it means you have to take good care of both of them. Even the most expensive cosmetic doesn't look good on damaged lips. In today's article I'll will mention 7 most important things which everyone needs to know about lips - mainly if you enjoy wearing make-up.

1) You need to take good care of your lips
Just like I wrote at the beginning of this article, damaged lips ruin your whole look. Even if you use the best make-up, if your lips aren't healed, the final result won't be good. Always care a lip balm or vaseline with you.

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2) Give them a massage!
Yes, even your lips need a massage. How to do it? Use your tooth brush, put it on your lips, move in circle about 5 minutes... and that's how you get rid of old skin on your lips.

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3) Lipsticks can hydrate too
If you're not a fan of lipbalms there's another option when it comes to hydrating your lips - use a creamy lipstick.

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4) Lipstick primer is a good idea
Your lipstick will stay longer and evenly. If you hate primers, lip balm is a good option too but you have to wait till it dries.

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5) Don't forget lip pencils!
When it comes to neon shades and darker lipsticks, it always looks better with a lip pencil.

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6) Color of your hair & skin matters
Of course, lipsticks look awesome on you. But there are special shades which suits you the best❤

blonde, ginger or auburn hair & light skin - pastel colors like pale pink
light brown skin and brown hair - mainly brown shades
dark skin, dark hair & heavily (naturally) tanned skin - red, orange and coral

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7) Last and most important - NEVER wear heavy eye makeup and bright lip colors!
Now, this one looks really awful. Always choose just one part of your face. Always highlight either eyes or lips. Never both.

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Hope these tips will help you 😊 See you in the next article 💙 Your Meshty 🍅