Hey Guys! I have just completed my first week back at college and thought why not do the back to school tag so here it is!

  • What grade are you going into?

I am in my senior year of college.

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  • What are you excited/nervous about for this year?

I am nervous about the work load that i have this year and keeping on top of things. Being a senior means I've a research project to complete and all my classes are extra intense. I am also nervous about keeping my grades up and obtaining my degree.

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I am excited for all the little things: being with my friends, college breakfasts, studying together, class discussions, game days, changing seasons etc.

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  • What is your favourite part of getting ready for back to school?

I loved the feeling this year of packing back up, driving to college and moving back in to my apartment and favourite part about coming back to college is being back with all my friends that aren't living close to me.

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  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love finding other accounts on social media to follow for inspiration, my friends and their journeys inspire me and my goals and i also loving talking to my mom.

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  • What subjects did you choose?

I am going to be graduating with a degree in social care. This semester I have six subjects: my research project, social care, management, sociology & social policy, disability and placement prep.

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  • What are three beauty essentials you have to carry in your bag?

Chapstick, hand sanitiser and perfume.

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  • What are three non-beauty essentials you have to carry in your bag?

My planner, water bottle and pencil case.

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  • What do you wear to school?

I mostly wear jumpers and jeans to college. I love putting in a bit of effort with my outfit most days but love hoodies and leggings on lazy days.

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  • What are your goals for this school year?

My main goal this year is to enjoy every minute since i will be graduating in June.

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