Hey girls!💞 Today's article will be again about your favorite topic - love, boys and relationships. As the title says - it will be all about changing your status. Doesn't matter if you're single and want a boyfriend or you are in a boring relationship - there are solutions and tips for both of you. Ready? Let's start!

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There are too many boys around you and you want to either be single or in an official relationship:

Situation A : You want an official relationship
It will be a little bit harder but I know you will make it. Choose just one of all of them. The one you like the most. Focus on him and start ignoring all the other guys and tell them they are just friends for you. Hang out only with the one you really want and really like.

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Situation B : You still want to be single
In this case it is kinda easy. If you really want to be single, it won't be that difficult. Your friends should became your priority. When it comes to boys, hang out with them only if you both consider each other just friends and nothing more. Don't answer flirtatious texts, don't go to parties where you know there will be someone who has a crush on you and put yourself first.

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You're in a stable relationship and can't handle the fact that there's no more flirting with others or you simple became bored*

Situation A : You still want to flirt with others
There's only one solution. BREAK UP WITH HIM! I know it isn't easy but be honest with yourself - are you jealous of your friends who can endlessly flirt with other guys? Are you jealous of their freedom and instead of feeling happy in a relationship you feel like you're in prison? Sorry babe, but it's honestly the only way. Sooner or later you will hate him and you will ruin your own youth with the sweet but wrong person.

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Situation B : You're in a stable relationship but bored
Just because you two are longer together it doesn't mean it has to be stereotypical or that you too have to be together 24/7. Believe or not, it is okay if you have your friends and interests. So it's completely okay if he spends one or two evenings with his friends and you with yours. As long as you two trust each other everything will be okay. If spend your evernings separately, you will appreciate the time when you two are together.
But having fun and killing boredom doesn't mean you can't have fun together anymore. The key is, try new things! Go to a concert you wouldn't normally go, go to a country which you've never visited, go to a concert to a band that is not your most favorite music style but you still like their songs... together.

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You're single and you either want a boyfriend or just want to enjoy dating? No problem, even these situations have simple solutions.

Situation A : You want a serious boyfriend
It's actually very easy. There are so many guys to choose from, so as long as you know what kind of boyfriend do you really want, it won't be that difficult. Now, what to do?

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Go to places where you can meet lot of people, call your girlfriends and:

spend an evening at the most popular club in your town you probably won't believe but even actually nice guys go to clubs - their crazy and flirtatious friends often call them to join them /personal experience/

►or go to library - not only nerds love to read I know a lot of boys who are either keen on sports or have various other non-nerdy interests and still love to read a good book. A lot of guys can be keen on books and at the same time enjoy other cool stuff.

try something new, something risky which is usually stereotipically male oriented - okay okay but let's be honest - being a fan of extreme sports is still usually conected to boys. But there's nothing wrong if a girl is a fan of this. Especially if you're a tomboy it's a huge plus - most guys actually find tomboys attractive and fun to be with. As long as you have to problem to try bungee jumping, surfing, skateboarding, riding a motorbike or anything similiar, it's just another thing to help you to find new people - mainly boys.

during shopping - it maybe sounds weird but there are also a lot of males who care a lot about their appearance and enjoy buying new clothes, hair products, jewels, etc.. and it's another awesome way how to meet a guy.

try a new course - it doesn't matter if it's a language, cooking or dancing course, they're all great new opportunities to meet someone interesting.

nature lover - jogging in the park, hiking, taking pictures of flowers and animals or just go for a long walk? All great ideas.

organise a party - it doesn't matter if it's your birthday or your bestie's or a thematic party = organise a party, invite lot of your friends and all your friends must take someone who is out of your squad. The point is that thanks to this you will get a chance to meet a lot of new people. This is also a great idea for a Valentine's Day party.

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So as you can see, there are thousands of ideas and opportunities how to meet someone new and interesting.

Situation B : You just want to date
Basically the key is the same as in previous case - go to places where you can meet a lot of new people. Also, give a chance to guys you already know - who knows, maybe some of them changed so much that they've grown into your type - especially, if you are childhood friends. Wear clothes which make you feel confident, smile and take flirting as a game - there's nothing to lose, just to gain.

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So girls as you can see, there is always a solution to every problem, even when it comes to relationships. Don't be afraid and do what makes you happy 💜

See you in the next article. Your Meshty🌙

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