Minimalist : no print shirts , nude colors , elegant watch , small ring , big white bed , monstera leaf , candles

aesthetic, minimal, and minimalism image clothes, fashion, and minimalist image aesthetic, decor, and dining room image aesthetic, beige, and contemporary image

Witches : big shoes , leather jacket , big hat , long necklaces , potions , crystal , crystal ball , witch hat

goth image art, artist, and crystal ball image Temporarily removed fashion image

Indie : Beige colors , skirt , sweaters , cloth bag , muji's things , desserts , coffee

Image removed Image removed Image removed beige, books, and coffee image

Gothic : mantle , black lips , fishnet , chains , skull , black roses , ouija , death note

fashion, black, and grunge image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed

HypeBeast : yeezy , brand clothes , bomber , sneakers ,money , supreme shirt

supreme and gold image adidas, style, and sneakerhead image colorful, designer shoes, and designer image Image removed

Nerdy : Glasses , fandom shirts , converse , videogames , comics

blue, aesthetic, and boy image aesthetic, white, and glasses image Temporarily removed batgirl, superheroes, and love image