hey lovelies!

i am lucky to have gotten the opportunity to go abroad for my internship, so yay! but with going abroad and being away from home for a longer time comes stress and homesickness, and those can be huge factors in how your day end up turning out.

i work from noon until evening everyday, so that gives me plenty of time in the morning to get a good, slow start on my day - although, i am a morning person and would love to work in the morning, but that's just how it is for now.

7 am: despite not working until noon and i therefore don't set an alarm, i wake up around 7am anyways.

to be real with you guys, i never get out of bed at 7. i always lay in bed for, like, thirty minutes on my phone, haha.

this is not a natural habit yet, but i try my best to make my bed as the first thing in the morning. this helps me clear my mind.

after that, i go to the bathroom to cleanse my face from overnight breakouts and greasy skin. i have found an amazing skin care product, so i never dread this part in the morning.

8 am: i am out of bed and have cleansed my face and made my bed. now, i'm probably turning my closet upside down to figure out what to wear. eternal struggle.

i get ready. i do my hair and put on makeup.

i'm most likely having a small dance party. i listen to music in the morning. it wakes me up.

9 am: time for breakfast!

since i'm having lost of time in the morning, i like to make myself a good, healthy breakfast. for the time being, i love toast with mashed avocado, ham, cheese and tomatoes. it is delicious! and i drink a cup of green tea with it.

now, that i am done with my morning routine and still have a little over two hours until i have to leave, i like to start on some work or write my internship report for school. sometimes, i workout in the morning (it's rare, but it happens) so obviously, everything gets pushed an hour or so.

i know myself that i need a job where i have to meet earlier than noon, because it's too late for me as a morning person. i'm still in school and i don't run my own company, so i don't have a lot i can do in the morning before leaving and i hate wasting my time with just doing pointless things, so this is a real bother for me but it's not much longer until i go back to school, so hopefully everything will work out better for me.

thank you so much for reading this!

m i l a