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Today I will share with you what my dream bedroom would look like. If you want to change your room from the beginning or just refresh it with some new aesthetic decorations this article will give you some inspiration!

The bed
bedroom, light, and pink image bedroom, aesthetic, and bed image bed, bedroom, and gold image bedroom, room, and home image
Pink and white cozy bed with many pillows♡
The closets
fashion, girl, and shoes image beautiful closets image aesthetic, beach, and fashion image Temporarily removed
Big, beautiful with shelves full of shoes, bags and clothes♡
The carpet
Temporarily removed iphone, gold, and pink image room, bedroom, and home image Temporarily removed
Very, very fluffy♡
The desk
Temporarily removed chair, decor, and desk image home, house, and room image book, candle, and laptop image
Minimal and cute with gold and rose gold details♡
The lights
girl, light, and room image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed bedroom, bed, and sleep image
Fairy lights and romance♡
The vanity
room, bedroom, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and sunglasses image Temporarily removed room, makeup, and home image
My makeup collection and boudoir♡
The mirror
room, bedroom, and pink image home, decor, and room image
In order to try different outfits and see how they look♡
Chairs, couch, bookshelf
dog, puppy, and cute image luxury, relax, and book image room, bedroom, and decor image bedroom, decor, and flowers image
Cozy and comfy♡
Other decorations
fashion, dress, and clothes image white and work image pink, book, and candle image bedroom, design, and green image
Clothing rank, books, candles, plants...♡
If you can dream it you can do it!
girl, smile, and bed image

I hope you enjoyed my article.♥

More coming soon!

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