Whether it’s catching up on R&R or getting out of town, there are so many ways to spend the weekend. And if you’re planning on catching up with a friend or two, take advantage of the long weekend ahead: Forgo your usual agenda for something different, like hosting a picnic in the park or touring your local museum. Not only will a new shared experience bring you closer, there’s plenty of local activities to try that won’t cost you much, either. Ahead, 5 affordable things to do with your BFFs this weekend. Because, like friendship, the best things in life are free. (Well, close to it at least.)

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Plan a Picnic in the Park

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Get outside. Task your squad to each bring a dish of their choice, like mini sandwiches, fruit salad or a vegetable platter. Then, post up at your local park with plenty of picnic blankets, a wireless speaker and a stack of your favorite magazines. It’s the perfect way to spend the final days of summer.

Visit Your Local Museum

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Get cultured. Did you know that your local museum provides admission discounts to teens and students? Pack a lunch and plan to spend the day walking the grounds. Tour-guide optional. You’ll be surprised how much there is to see.

Donate Your Time to Others in Need

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Get out there. Volunteering is a rewarding way to spend the day, and lending a helping hand won’t cost you anything but your time. Find something you’re both equally passionate about, like assisting with an animal-adoption event or cleaning up your local beach.

Take Up a Crafty New Hobby

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Get crafty. Is there something you’ve been dying to create together, but haven’t had the time? Whether it’s an afternoon spent tie-dying T-shirts, making jewelry or painting, tending to your creative side is never a bad idea.