Basic Infos:

Jenna Dawn Sanders was born on January 4, 1992 in Washington, D.C.
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Jen has short black hair and green eyes.
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Classic, comfortable and elegant is how her style is, also can be said as cheeky and sexy.
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Jenna is a hard-working and determined woman who loves working and never gives up on try, has great honesty in the professional environment and strives for perfection in everything. Jenna thinks long and hard before acting, and when she makes a decision she can dive right into what she's doing.
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Despite all the determination and ambition in the professional world, Jenna is completely outgoing and loves a good party on her free days.
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Evie Sanders is her mother, she is forty four and is a journalist. Evie raised Jenna alone since she became pregnant at seventeen and was rejected by her family and boyfriend at the time. She built her entire career with strength, determination and vigor, there were difficulties on the way, but nothing to make her give up.
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Evie currently owns the publisher 'Sanders Book' and is editor-in-chief of a women's fashion magazine.
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Evie is a serious and determined woman, however, when she leaves the work environment and joins with her daughter, she becomes a calm and fun woman, recounting memories of her teens and advising her daughter on difficult decisions. She is proud of who her daughter has become and loves her more than anything in the world.
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Finn Worrell is her best friend since childhood, he is twenty nine and works as a uniformed police officer.
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During adolescence they had a relationship of experiments, being the first in kiss and sex of each others.
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Margot Collins was her college roommate, today Margot is a veterinarian and is twenty-five. Margot is vegetarian and is about to get married.
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Eileen Pierce is Jenna's girlfriend, she's twenty five and is an fashion designer -and sometimes it's a model.
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Eileen hails from a wealthy family from high society, her father is a famous lawyer who often defends billionaire entrepreneurs, and her mother is a chief editor on a fashion magazine, great fashion designer and philanthropist.
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They met at a charity event organized by Eileen's mother. After glasses and glasses of champagne and a few hours of conversation, the two girls met between kisses and makeovers in one of penthouse rooms.
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The relationship between these two is extremely well resolved, having the freedom to relate to other people.
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Jenna works on the executive side of her mother's book publisher, attending creative, financial, and publishing meetings.
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Wines, Jenna is in love with them. When she travels for work, she usually visits the best stores and buys a bottle, having an extensive collection.
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Jen learned to play the piano at age seven, but over time and the demand for work, the woman plays only on stressful days to calm her down.
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To keep her body curves and in good health, Jenna often goes to the gym and she loves it, exercise makes her body release endorphins and this makes her more functional at work.
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  • Nirvana - Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam
  • Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone
  • Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  • Pink Floyd - Another Brick in The Wall

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