Hey everyone, I’m so sorry for how inactive I’ve been, I’m in a writing block currently. Anyway, I’ve just finished Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and the soundtrack was really good and it gave me the idea for this article. Hope you enjoy ♥

Baby Driver

Favorite song from the soundtrack: Easy by The Commodores
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This is one of the best indie movies I’ve seen. It has it, action, romance, an interesting plot and of course, great music.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Favorite song from the soundtrack: A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard
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I’m obsessed with this show, Nick and Sabrina own me, they are just it. The plot is really original and it will definitely get you in the autumn mood.

Love, Rosie

Favorite song from the soundtrack: F**k You by Lily Allen
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Not only is this one of my all time favorites, it has bops in it and an amazing cast.

Gossip Girl

Favorite song from the soundtrack: Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo
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Why is no one talking about how good of a soundtrack Gossip Girl has? Literally all the hit songs from that era. And the songs fit really well in the whole “rich, drama, classy” concept.

The Breakfast Club

Favorite song from the soundtrack: Don’t you ( forget about me ) by Simple Minds
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This one doesn’t have that much songs on the soundtrack but what’s left is what I call taste. Just a perfect soundtrack for a perfect movie.

Stranger Things

Favorite song from the soundtrack: Material Girl by Madonna
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No one’s surprised this made the list. This is what perfection sounds like. The 80s music is just so good and we got the best songs on the soundtrack.


Favorite song from the soundtrack: Summer Loving by the cast of Grease
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Again, no one’s surprised. I mean, this is a musical after all.

The Vampire Diaries

Favorite song from the soundtrack: Let Her Go by The Passenger
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Again, an underrated soundtrack. It’s definitely not the best but it is really good. It fits the concept nicely.

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