Ofelia Abernathy

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  • Dark auburn hair
  • Green eyes
  • 5'7
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She was sorted into Slytherin, but didn't realize till later the reputation of muggle-borns. Since she herself is a muggle-born, she tries her best to keep it a secret from the rest. Very few know the truth. Not even Draco Malfoy knows—or at least that's what she thinks.

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Her bestfriend is Draco Malfoy, but he's also kind of her crush.

The two didn't always get along. Especially when he was always acting like a jerk toward her friends. But, no matter how many times they tried to avoid each other, they couldn't stay apart.

"You're annoying."
"You know you love me."
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Used to date George Weasley.

George and her got together during her third year, and it was only for a brief moment. Very brief, although some suspect George still has feelings for her... Despite him being her 'ex' she still considers Fred and George to be one of her closest friends. She thoroughly enjoys helping them prank Professor Snape during her free time.

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In her fourth year at Hogwarts something goes wrong... Her only option is to fake her own death and go into hiding. No one except Dumbledore and Snape know the truth. The rest are forced to believe she died in a car accident.

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Living her life in isolation is not the best for Ofelia. Her already messed up life seems to be spiraling in on itself. Collapsing. A black hole in the middle of space. She knows this is for the greater good, but how can she possibly live in such a lie?

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Ofelia will do what it takes to survive. Even if it means killing her past. And yet, she can't seem to forget about him.

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