For this month I'm gonna challenge myself to write in a language I'm not that familiar with by keeping up with the 30 days writing challenge. I also want to improve my writing skills and I feel like this could help in some way. If not, it's still fun.

(All the credits for this challenge go to this hearter)

#1 Explain the meaning of your name.

My name is Rosanne Joy.

Rosanne is a dutch name. My parents gave it to me because they liked the sound of it. Not because it necessarily had a beautiful meaning.

Joy, on the other hand, does have a meaning.
When I was a little girl, I was the word 'joy' itself. I was always smiling, singing, dancing, talking with everyone, I even made up my own language in which i could talk for hours. I really did justice to my name, without my parents knowing it beforehand.

I'm quite pleased with my name, especially when I think of my childhood. That's when I wear my name with pride.