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name | park nanei

hangul | 박나네

nicknames | nei, nani, nini

[nei - stage name and her english name]

[nani - her mother gave her this nickname. her family and close friends only call her this]

[nini - nickname given to her by fans]

birthdate | november 15th, 1997

age | 22 (as of jan 2020)

ethnicity | korean

birthplace | new york, usa

nationality | korean-american

[she lived until her thirteenth birthday in new york, then she moved to south korea with her mom to become an idol]

languages | english, korean, chinese

[because nei lived in us, english was her first language, she learned basic korean at home and later studied it more. she learned chinese because she was interested in the culture when she was young]

height | 160 cm (5'2")

weight | 43 kg (95 lbs)

  • Joined YTH in august 2012, when she was fourteen (trained for year and a half)
  • she can speak English, Korean and Chinese fluently
  • she would like to learn Japanese to communicate with fans
  • Nei is THE MOST chaotic member of Lunar
  • Nei's personality is quite straightforward
  • shes not afraid to just say whatever shes thinking
  • always accidentally swears or comes close to it
  • its easy to make her laugh
  • she laughs at everything the other members say and they clown her for it (but she just laughs at that too-)
  • she’s always clinging on to members
  • anytime Bokyo makes eye contact with her Nei runs over and hugs her???
  • sometimes can be a lil annoying
  • nei is easily scared
  • byun says that after they watch a horror movie nei’s always following one of the other members around bc she’s too scared to be alone
  • Nei is known for her rich expressions and reaction, fans call her a meme queen
  • D U A L I T Y
  • Nei is the most different onstage vs off stage.
  • like she probably has the scariest stage presence known to man if u just watched a live stage performance without knowing anything abt the members you’d think Nei is intimidating
  • v sign bisexual
  • fans call her a gay icon
  • she is a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, quotes the show all the time...
  • she loooves girl groups with all her heart
  • probably knows all dances to girl groups
  • she especially loves Glam (they are the main reason she joined YTH Ent.)
  • Nei really respects Gayeon
  • like any time their on variety shows or have any interviews she’s always like “anyways heres the reason why you should stan Gayeon-”
  • one of Nei's hobbies is taking pictures
  • she probably has her whole gallery dedicated to members pictures,,, often posts them on her instagram
  • “im kinda hungry…i would make something but im banned from using the oven so-”
  • she cannot cook AT ALL
  • no cooking skills whatsoever
  • i mean she can use the microwave and toaster but everyone’s too scared to let her near an oven bc she’s nearly burned down the dorm on multiple occasions
  • for some reason she takes uno very seriously??????
  • like if u wrong her in uno,,,,,,,,prepared to be ignored for the rest of the day
  • fans are convinced she has a secret stan account and when asked about it, nei didn’t confirm or deny it so now fans are searching for it
  • there are video compilations on youtube called “proof nei has a stan account” and its just her using stan twitter language
  • can be sarcastic & kinda mean

sexuality | bicurious

[nei identifies as bicurious. she hasn't come out publicly yet. she told her members and close friends. she is open to having a relationship with the same sex but hasn't been in one]

status | dating

[since august 2017 nei is dating bobby, their relationship became public in january 2019]

company | yth entertainment

group | lunar

position | main rapper, lead vocalist, lead dancer, maknae

trainee years | year and a half