All I could feel was the cold fall breeze, which I liked. My body, barely moving as I was only standing up on my own two feet, watching the busy streets of France light the night up beautifully “Angelica...” the voice was familiar but the tone was from someone confused, trying to make sure it was me. With a natural reaction, I turn to my right to see the source of the voice, it was my brother. As the kid spirit lights up in me, they shake their head in denial as if they knew I was going to go in for a hug “Joshua, your brother… he’s missing.” He speaks softly, fondly this time, they look exactly like my older brother, it was unusual so I begin to question “Who are you? Why do you look exactly like him?” I start to feel a lot of confusion which went well with the usual anxiety I feel day by day, tears start to well up in my eyes. That’s when I felt his embrace before I could fall to my knees, his body was warm and his grip was tight enough to feel his heartbeat against my ear. His hand holding my head and the other wrapped around my waist “Where’s Josh? Where did he go? Tell me!” I almost scream with a shaky breath, my frustration started to take over in the form of anger and confusion, I could hear his breath starting to sound unsteady “let’s go, I’ll take you...” that’s when I felt dizzy and heard nothing but my heartbeat slowing down and getting heavier and heavier.

“Damn it.” With a light mutter as her body went numb along with her eyes shut gradually I knew I had to leave quickly, immediately picking her up as I started to run out of the bridge, her body got heavier as I kept running faster to the house. Even though she is my little sister, I never really got to. Once I kicked the door open I immediately lay her down on the couch and check her pulse, seemed like she’ll be fine, only exhaustion took over her. It made me let out a sigh of relief, standing carefully on my knees next to the couch, getting a hold of her hand gently in mine. I kept caressing her small hand, moving her long hair out of her face and patiently waiting for her to wake up, thinking if only I could just take her to a hospital but Josh got to tell me it was no good this late at night.

He told me a little about her and how they met before his disappearance, I promised to protect her if anything went wrong and now that’s what I will do from this night forward. Josh was her caretaker for a good five years, before that she was in an orphanage, her childhood wasn’t as pretty but it’s something I didn’t ask him about. She didn’t show much emotion, with Josh she’d smile and laugh at his dorky jokes and lets her true personality come to light. It leaves me thinking if she does remember me as Joshua and not just a stranger called Lukas, things would be way easier but a part of me says I really shouldn’t do it and only tell her the truth, that I’m Josh’s twin brother. As those thoughts went through my mind my body started to feel its own exhaustion, my eyelids getting heavier, still holding her hand in mine, even though it was cold, somehow it was also warm.