This is how I would want my dream life to look like...


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I like very modern decor so that would mean to include a lot of white to make the room light up, also have grey and black textiles to match up the white..


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Paris is always a good idea.. I love the elegancy of the city and how it treats me every time with grace.


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When I was younger I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer but as I got older I have fallen love with writing so maybe something in between. I would love be my own boss, make my own money and be a successful female entrepreneur.


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My style would have a lot of variety like in my ''real life rn'' but it could go from baggy clothes to a little bit fancier to absloute glam..


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Best friend. Lover. Safe spot. Ride or die.


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'' Dream family'', I can't wait to start having children with my partner, I love babies and would love to have 3 or 4 kids at least.