Hello everyone! So the other day I went to see IT ch 2. I thought I was ready for Eddie's death since I've read the books and watched the mini-series but truly I wasn't. And adding the new Richie plot didn't make it easier. I went out of the theater extremely happy because Reddie was finally a thing but when I remember Richie's face after seeing Eddie's body and his broken heart I burst into tears. Homosexuality has always been a sensitive topic to some people but I just wanted to say what I think. I think it's okay to be homosexual. I think it's okay to be yourself cuz that's how people would really appreciate you for who you are and, even though Richie was afraid of his own emotions in the beginning of the movie, he realized that he is who he is. And that's about it. I know I've touched only the surface of this particular topic but I don't want to annoy you any further :D so thank you for reading.