Called: No Boxes










i don't want you to think or this to seem that i don't appreciate or love my sister. I DO. I love her so much, but sometimes it comes by as if she doesn't love me if I like this now or I do that now or i believe with my whole heart in that now and that can be frustrating which is okay. That's my message with this riddle or poem, that we can let go of other peoples judgemental looks and comments and quotes. We don't have to take it in and let it crawl under our skin. I think I still need practice on how to not care so much about things that have nothing to do with me when it's really the judger and the person who has a problem with the problem. You don't need to go along with it and don't need to think along or fight it, cause they're fighting it. And i think it can't be feeling good for them if it's making you catch bad vibes. So let them stick with it and let it go. Too. ]

We can all just let the shitty thoughts and judgemental boxes go. LET EM GO I TELL YOU, please. The world would be a more peaceful place,the world of your relationships and love and external living. ]


¤if you wont let me change im gonna run away

¤if you don't let me breathe and put me in a bottle

¤im gonna scream and youll ask why

¤again you don't see what's right here in me

¤i grew up

¤i still am doing that

maybe you'll never understand me and i don't understand why my mind wants your affirmation. no idea

i don't think i need to need it


i'm gonna let it go.

You can feel however you feel, but hold your ground. Act upon it or keep that feeling to yourself, but always keep it somewhere. Don't let YOUR personal and special emotion stars go, because they're in the end things that make you hold on.

To my sister; with all my love, please keep your beliefs out of my beliefs if you're coming to cause trouble. Thank you.