Hey sweeties!
I love fashion design, so today I’m gonna show you my dream house.
Hope you like it.
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I love these two big halls so much!! The first one is kind of elegant and modern, but the second one is like princess’s house and it’s so cute. I can’t choose between the both.

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta


I love kitchen and living room together, but I would like to have another kitchen to make some dinners on the summer and barbecue with family and friends.

Image by Anitta

Kitchen and living room

As I said kitchen and living room together is the best, for me.

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta


I don’t know if I prefer a shower or a bath so I put the both ahah. I like white bathrooms, mirror and some elegant decoration.

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta


Bedroom needs to be a comfortable place, with TV so you don’t fall asleep on the sofa while watching TV in the living room. Needs to have your stuff too, to makes you feel that you are on your place and also will makes you sleep better, and relax. (AND A BIG BED OF COURSE!!)

Image by Anitta


I would love to have a closet, because I have a lot of clothes and I always have to change my clothes in the winter and summer because of the space.

Image by Anitta


I love to work with computers and papers so I really need an office!! And also the office will be the place of all papers because I hate disorganization.

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta


I'm not sure about this one but I'm putting it, because maybe I can look at the stars and things like that.

Image by Anitta


Something like that but with a pool and animals running ahah

Image by Anitta

Do you guys like this kind of house? Tell me on the messages, I would love to know.

Love you guys.

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XOXO, Anita
[Credit to everyone’s photo’s I used]