Most of you are back to school, and the hardest thing to do is to wake up early. I remember, before becoming a morning person, that I faced so many difficulties with waking up early. I used to be afraid of morning, as a result, I hated school for many years. You just have to find the right ways to be able to wake up and find motivation and productivity. In this article, I will mention some things that I do to wake up early easily. You can adopt them, you can modify some of them to fit you or I hope they will inspire you to find your own ways to wake up.
My routine is divided into to parts; what I do at night and what I do to wake up in the morning.
I- What I do at night:
sleeping is important for two main reasons. According to scientists, sleeping helps the human body to repair and restore the organs. Both body and brain work on doing so. It has been proved that the suitable time for resting the body is between 09:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Even the body's clock (as I like to call it) is activated during this period of time, therefore, we feel tired and we start to yawn as a symbol of fatigue. In this case, I usually try to finish everything that needs to be done before 08:00 pm. after that I take a shower because it helps the body to relax and fall asleep. Before going to bed, I try to do things that help me to relax mentally while drinking tea. For instance, I talk to my boyfriend, read a book or Quran (if you are a muslim, and if you have any other religion you can read about it), I thank god for things that I have like family, a caring boyfriend, health... Also, I love remembering what I have accomplished that day.

II- What I do in the morning:
As it has been mentioned in my previous article, I always put my phone far from me (I put it on my desk), and once the alarm rings, I have to wake up to switch it off. This way, I don't fall asleep once again. Next, I wash my face with cold water. The third thing that I usually do is to stretch (or do yoga if I have time), as a result, my body wakes up. Another thing is to drink coffee. I have never thought that I would love coffee. I tried drinking it for some time, and I have figured out that it helps me a lot in waking up.
I kept doing this for many weeks. Nowadays, I can wake up early without alarm because I have trained my body to do so. This was everything about how I wake up early. I really hope that this will help you.
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