How many times have you promised yourself that this semester you are going to be the best you possibly can be, assignments on time, straight A's in your favourite subjects, better grades in your least favourite subject? But then you start procrastinating and end up doing nothing at all.
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Procrastinator's reaction to almost everything.
I am not going to claim that I am great at time management and productivity. In fact, I am a certified procrastinator. The kind of person who does almost everything the last minute.
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This is hands down my favourite tip to be productive. All you have to do is categorize your tasks into 4 sections. They are as follows:
1. UI - Urgent and Important Tasks :
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These tasks should be your priority in every to do list you create. These kind of tasks are urgent as well as important to you. It shouldn't be delayed or you will end up with a 'not so good' result.
Example: The assignment that is due today or maybe tomorrow or a thesis that needs editing.
2. UNI - Urgent but Not Important tasks :
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These tasks are urgent but they are not important to you. Anybody else can do it, so you don't have to break your work flow for these kinds of tasks.
Example: Answering the door bell, receiving couriers at your house.
(P.S- Please answer the door if you live on your own. Wouldn't want you all coming at me with "Miss Been said don't answer the door"😅😂)
3. INU - Important but not Urgent :
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These tasks are important but not urgent. But make sure you do them in your leisure and before deadline or these tasks will turn into Urgent as well as Important tasks.
Example : A project report due after 2 weeks or your laundry that is piling up. Make sure to do these tasks in your leisure time.
4. NUNI - Neither urgent nor Important :
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Unfortunately, these are the tasks that we spend our most time on. Be it scrolling through Instagram, playing video games or just watching something that you know won't benefit you in the future, these tasks are neither urgent nor they important. Yet we tend to spend way too much time on these.
Note: You can always do these tasks when you take a break from the rest or enjoy these after all your tasks are complete.
This was a method I read in the book 'The Portrait of a Super Student'. It is one gem of a book for college and school students. Not trying to promote the book, just sharing the source of inspiration.
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If Beyonce can get stuff done then so can you.
I hope this article helped you get your life together or at least your semester together.
Until next time,
Peace out
- Miss Been
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