Hi lovelies !

Today, I wanna talk about something important so please read the intro.

I personally think that fast fashion is killing the fashion industry and moreover the planet. It creates artificial needs and compulsive shopping. We buy stuff because they're cheap that we'll only wear for a few month and get rid of. Sometimes we keep so many clothes that the closet is about to explode, yet we still don't know what to wear.

”Buy less, choose well and make it last ” — Vivienne Westwood

As the Queen of Punk said, it's all about quality and not quantity. Buy essential and versatile pieces that you can tune differently and that fits you. That way, you'll really wear each one of your clothes and have fun styling them differently.
Having a capsule wardrobe is a whole lifestyle, here's the process.
Enjoy ;)

○ Ask yourself "what would I like to wear ?"
Fist, you have to define your style. Are you classy or do you like streetwear more ? Then look yourself in the mirror, what are the pieces and the colors that will flatter your body ? Those questions will help you find the clothes that belong to your closet.
It's important to pick things that you'll really wear. Don't buy super fancy outfits that you'll never get to wear. Your clothes have to be essentials. Don't burden yourself with useless stuff.
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○ Decluttering
It's time to lighten your closet. Get rid of all the thing you haven't wore in a year. You can donate them to charities or sell them on apps such as Depop (it'll make you money to buy a new wardrobe). Only keep the clothes that matches with your personal style and that you'll be able to associate with the new ones.
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○ Doing better with less
Having less doesn't mean that you should wear the same old things everyday. One single cloth has endless possibilities, you can style it in so many ways, that's why you don't need so much. For example, a pullover can be tucked in, knotted on the shoulders, with a tartan shirt underneath ... Also play with accessories such as belts, jewels, bags, sunglasses, scarves or gloves it gives a whole new vibe to every outfit.
Stimulate your creativity ! You can get inspiration on WHI and on instagram, select the outfits inspo that you like the most and create a moodboard. You can do so much more than you think with only the basics.
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○ Find your basics
You have to figure out what's missing in your wardrobe in terms of basics.
I recommend jeans (one light washed, one darker and one black), a cashmere sweater, a sailor striped sweater, a white, a grey and a black t-shirt, a trench coat, a winter coat, a blazer, a pair of boots, white sneakers. Seems to be a good start for me. You can after add some other essentials (skirt, a pair of sweatpants...) but always choose clothes made with good fabrics. Remember : quality over quantity ! So don't be afraid to spend your money on pieces more pricy. A good fabric instantly add chic to the outfit.
The accessories will do the rest. Invest in a nice bag, a tartan scarf, a beret, gold plated jewelry, hairclip ...
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○ Go thrifting/vintage shopping
Because buying qualitative clothes is more expensive, second hand items are the solution. You can find true gems if you look attentively : silk scarves, Levis denim, tiny bags... But if you don't have the chance to have a good shop where you live, there's websites like TheRealReal or Vestiaire Collective, you can do such good deals on there ! Plus, the curent trend is vintage/retro clothes so what's better than real vintage ?
Also, by stopping buying fast fashion and giving a second live to the clothes, you'll have a good impact on the environment.
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