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1. kim kardashian or kylie jenner?

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★ no. 1 creds to kuwthewests on twt ★
kylie. i just don't like kim, she's too full of herself and she comes across as a bltch.

2. p!nk or ke$ha?

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p!nk. i grew up with her music and her songs used to be my favourite. i'm not too keen on her new music, but that's how i feel about ke$ha's too haha. but i've always wanted to go to a p!nk concert, because she does acrobatics and it looks so good!

3. emma watson or emma stone?

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emma watson. i don't think i've seen emma stone in anything i've watched oof. but i enjoy watching harry potter, and the new beauty and the beast was so cute, so definitely watson.

4. kate middleton or meghan markle?

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meghan. i just think she's more down to earth and she's so pretty!

5. megan fox or angelina jolie?

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★ no. 2 creds to goddess.women on ig ★
megan. she's beautiful! i think angelina is pretty, i just hate her lips :(

6. nicki minaj or cardi b?

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nicki. i do like cardi's music and i think she's gorgeous, i just dislike her voice when she speaks. i find her kind of annoying oof.

7. david beckham or tom brady?

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★ no. 1 creds to style_extravaganza on ig ★
david. ngl i don't even know who tom brady is lmao.

8. jake gyllenhaal or ryan reynolds?

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jake. never really watched anything with ryan in.

9. ariana grande or selena gomez?

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ariana. i just prefer her music ♡

10. oprah winfrey or ellen degeneres?

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ellen. she's so funny~

11. jimmy kimmel or jimmy fallon?

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★ no. 1 creds to glamourfame ★
jimmy fallon.
"hey jimmy, i'm jimin".

12. kendrick lamar or drake?

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drake. i don't listen to kendrick.

13. taylor swift or katy perry?

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taylor. i don't really like either's music. but taylor has done so much to help other people. i was reading articles about it, she's given money to a fan that didn't have enough money to pay her college tuition and rent. she has helped a pregnant fan buy a house because she was struggling. she's donated a fan money because her mum had been in a coma for 3 years. and recently she helped a fan with medical bills. even though i don't particularly like taylor's music, she's a very loving and selfless person 💌
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