Lets get right into it! This week's focus is accommodation, specifically that big decision whether to live on campus or stay at home and commute.

1. Living On Campus

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Deciding to live at home or commute to university has its own pros and cons. Just remember that either way its okay. Do what you feel is best for you.


  • Closer to university so you get to sleep in.
  • If you forget something you can just pop back into your room.
  • Get to meet a lot more people and a lot quicker living on campus. This is because you're on campus 24/7 so you have more chances to meet people and get to talk to them for longer.
  • Your own space.
  • More freedom to do things your own way.


  • Home sickness.
  • Needing to take up more responsibilities such as doing the groceries, laundry, cooking and so on. (This is a pro too since its life skills you're learning!)
  • Can be costly as you have to pay for rent, food, and any extra expenses.

2. Stay At Home

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Home sweet home.


  • Comfort. You know the saying: "There's no place like home."
  • Don't have to pay for rent or your food at home.
  • Don't have to share a space with strangers (this could be a pro or con).
  • You have a clear line between school and home which for many is useful.


  • Depending how far you live from your university, travel expenses may be costly.
  • Having to wake up earlier to get to classes on time or beat the traffic.
  • Not being able to stay out on campus as late as you want to due to having to commute home.

Short and simple. Hope you're all having a good week!

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Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful! I'll see you soon with a new article!

Love Artemis x