I think one of the most difficult thing for me is to be nice to myself. Because I want to change that I decided to write down and share it with you the steps to get more selflove. I think sharing with you this steps will help me stay on the track. I will write another article in a few weeks to see if that helped me.

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I really don`t know why I am so mean to me, because I have no probem being nice to everyone else. Even to people that hurt me or simply to the ones that don`t care about me. I just want that people would be nice to each other, because we dont`t know their story...and who are we to judge them or their live.

1. step: A DAY OFF

I think it will be great if I would took one day in week to just focus on myself. It is going to be saturday or sunday, because then I don`t have uni and i can spend it home in my own town.

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So first thing I won`t have my alarm clock on, so I can sleep a little bit longer. Then I will make myself a nice breakfast, something other than sandwich and drink smoothie or coffee. I have a bad habit when I eat...watching TV, so on that day I won`t watch it. For the next thing I am going to spend some time with my pets (dog, cats, rabbit), because spending time with them really puts me in a great mood.

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Usually on saturday we clean our house. So I think I can`t get out of this. But it is ok....I love to clean and organizing stuff. And after all I cant`t leave my mom all the work.

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On that day I am also going to do some selfcare: take care of my nails (manicure, pedicure), skin (doing masks at home or go to the cosmetic salon), maybe do some workout or simply take a walk in nature just to clear my thoughts ....

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Of course there can`t be an off day without listening to my favorite music and just lay in my room and thinking about everything.

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2. step: WRITTING

I always start writting in my diary in January, because you know...new year new me...and this year I did write for the longer time than preprevious years but not about how I felt, but how my day went. So now I will write down whats on my mind and use non of the filters (I didn`t always write how I felt because I was afraid someone will found it and read it).
Every single day I will also write at least 2 thinks that I like about myself.

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I saw a video of a little girl how she is giving herself a motivation speach. I thought this is a great way to think more positive about yourself, so I will try to do it.

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This is one of my favorite quotes and it gives me motivation for faceing my fears. I will try to get rid of one of my fears in every one or maybe two weeks (it is a slow proces).

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One of my bad habits is also being on my phone first thing in the morning. I want to get rid of this habit, but I know it won`t be so simple. So instead looking news on social media, look for some quotes. You can find them here on we heart it or you can download a quote app on your phone.

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I hope I will make progress and maybe I motivate you to do something like this.

Be kind. ♡

P.s.: English is not my native language so I am sorry for spelling mistakes.