Hello everybody! :-) I am ready to show you another tips for reading. Are you ready? Let's go!

1. Jonas Jonasson - The accidental further adventures of the hundred year old man

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This book was really funny. It's type of book which when you read you don't have to think about anything. When you want to relax and turn off your head I recommend this book. This old man with his friend will show you that even they are old, they are not too old for adventures. On this picture is the first part which is great too.

2. Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - The reader on the 6:27

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I loved this one. It's similar than the previous one. This is also kind of relaxing book. The story is about man who is working in factory where they are destroying books. He is travelling everyday by train and he is reading a small teasers from saved books. There is also a woman who is cleaning public toliets and she is writing some funny articles but also articles about everyday's violence, stupidity and insensibility. I really recommend this one!

3. Fiodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij - Crime and punishment

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How I said in previous article about books I really love russian literature. This book was the first one I read and I felt in love. The way he wrote it, the story. The characters in the book are perfectly reworked. I think you have already heard about this story but if not I will just say that he makes you think about it. The young student murdered someone but he believes he was doing right thing. But was he? I don't want to write more, you really should read it.

4. Jo Nesbø - Snowman

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I read so many detective and crimi stories but I have been never afraid until I read this one. When I was reading it I was scared. It was so real and even when I felt like this I couldn't stop reading. It was not for whole book but some scenes where really „uhh“. I also saw the movie but the book was 100% better. If you have not read it yet, it's time to change it.

5. Agatha Christie – And then there were none

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Absolutely the best one writtne by her. I really recommend this one if you like detective stories. Here people are dying according to one poem. Every line of this poem is death for one of them. But they are not innocent.

I hoped you got inspired again at least a little bit. If you want to read my previous article about books here it is:

Thank you for reading and see you next time with another tips. :-)