So, I've always wanted my own tv show. Much like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and any other vampire/supernatural tv show ever made. I have planned the basics. Here is the setup:

Characters (will be edited if more is added)

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Main Character: Emilia Rose
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Secondary Character: Chris Black

Supporting Characters:

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Mother (Maria Rodriguez)
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Father (Dave Jefferson)
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Brother Josh/Joshua Jefferson
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Best Friend: Ari Lopez

Character Outline:

Emilia (Emilie/Em) Rose is 17 years old. Born March 24, 1998
(Aries) Attends Rivers High School- A Junior- Lives with mom in a 2 story house. Just recently moved to Creek Falls, Connecticut (Fantasy place) from recent divorce from Father Dave Jefferson.

Joshua Jefferson is 18 years old. Born August 18, 1997 (Leo)
Attends Bartly Park High School- A Senior- Lives with dad in a 1 story home with 2 cats.

Mom Maria Rodriguez is 45 years old. Born July 10, 1952 (Cancer)
Works at University of Creek Falls, Administrative Assistant.

Dad- Dave Jefferson is 52 years old. Born on December 15th, 1943.
Recently divorced. Lives with 2 cats in a one story house in New Haven, Connecticut (fantasy place).

Best friend- Ari Lopez is 22 years old. Born on April 3, 1976. (Aries)
Lives in her own apartment in New Haven, CT. Works as a Retail Manager at Spencer's.

Chris Black- Emilia's Boyfriend/lover- is 35 years old. Born on February 9, 1963. (Aquarius). Lives in a mansion near Creek Falls, in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally lives in an apartment by Third Street. Vampire- does not work but used to work as a cashier.