My appearance aesthetic I think
I hope you enjoy xo

my hair

aesthetic, grunge, and tumblr image sky, blue, and vans image
I have recently cut my hair like just bellow my shoulders, which I like surprisingly

my eyes

makeup, eyes, and glitter image glitter, gold, and necklace image
I have hazel eyes and apparently, really long eyelashes, my eyebrows are pretty thick but I thinned them a bit and now they look a little weird but it's all cool

my style

fashion, girl, and style image black, blue, and fashion image
I love wearing skirts or jeans, with my checkered vans or anything that looks vintage

my fav colour

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Red, like the dark red

my fav tv show

sadie sink and stranger things image stranger things and dustin henderson image
Stranger Things, I am still dying over season 3, apparently it's gonna be another year or two for the next season! Ahhh

my fav movie

emma stone image cinema, film, and movie image
the help is the best movie, I still cry when I think about it. It is truly the best movie, it has a deep meaning behind it and oh my god i love it

my fav song

80s, summer, and 90s image gif, men at work, and land down under image
Down Under, a pretty random song with weird lyrics but it's good

my fav thing to do

cat and white image Image by nisa
playing my precious cat, simie

my fav book

aesthetic, art, and black and white image book image
The Hazel Wood, was really good

I hope you enjoyed xo