last week started out with a doctor's appointment

I had been putting off the doctor for quite some time now, and I know I probably shouldn't had. I've been experiencing some issues for the past month: acne breakouts, weight loss, stomach-aches, and let's just say some problems in the bathroom. Something occurred to me recently though; I noticed that my stomach feels like it's on fire after I eat bread. I am not sure if this is a coincidence, but maybe it's Celiac Disease? I received some feedback today from my blood work. The doctor said that elevated inflammation and something else was elevated but I cannot remember. With further testing, they should be able to get to the bottom of it. All I can do is hope for best. I need all of the positive vibes I can get.
I haven't ate bread today and as a result, I haven't had any issues. Even my face is starting to clear up a bit. I know my stomach issues has to be causing these breakouts because my face was completely clear all the way up until about August. I only have acne around my mouth which means it's gut-related.

girl and model image

As of yesterday I returned home from D.C. My trip involved staying at my boyfriends house and then driving together to Ohio to drop off the three precious dogs I babysat all summer. It was so so nice to return to Ohio; I had missed it so much. We were only there for about 24 hours but plan to return sometime during the winter. During our 24 hour span, we had the opportunity to go check out a new Ferrari my boyfriend's friend had just bought. I just loved had classy and sleek it was. For our next visit, I will have the chance to drive it which I am really looking forward to now. I cannot wait to own a vehicle such as this of my own within a few years.

car, exotic, and ferrari image
This is it! The interior is a bold red ( I would prefer beige ;) )

Every time I spend time with my boyfriend, it's as if I fall more and more in love with him. It's crazy because as of September 14, we will be together for one year. If I have already gained so many incredible experiences in one year, who knows what the next will hold! It really is a magical love to me; I adore the hell out of that man. He makes me feel complete.

couple image
I think this photo may describe our relationship perfectly lol