Since my first Top 10 Blutengel Songs was so good, I'm going to do Part 2. My first article was written in February and now its September. I'm just getting to it because I haven't had the time throughout the year until now. I should be doing my homework but like I always like to say, "If I don't do it now, I'll never do it." It's very true for me, as a procrastinator and lazy person. Anyways, let's get on with it.

  • Ten

Death is Calling

This song is one of the first songs that I listened to when I discovered this band back in 2013. Although, I haven't listened to it at all these past years, I can still hear in my head without playing it. It's one of those songs you find yourself getting obsessed over. With the repetition of the words, "Death is calling, death is calling, Death is calling you..." and the sound of the synth's staccato in the background. The moving words of a woman who is damned. I can't really seem to fully understand the meaning of this song, but upon closer look of the lyrics, it seems he is just telling a story of a woman who feels damned and like nothing can save her. It's a great oldie to look back on if you're a new Blutengel fan. I suggest it greatly.

  • Nine

Any Chance?

Any Chance is that song that you can't seem to glance over. With the inspiring lyric," Do we die for love? or do we love to die?" to keep you contemplating philosophy and the abstract idea of love to the pulsating music in the background that makes you wanna get up and move like a tree in the wind. It's also an old classic song from their earlier work but still a golden treasure worth listening hours to.

  • Eight

Anders Sein

Although I don't have a clear understanding of the song's message because it's in German, I still think it's one of my favorites and one of their top hits as a well known Blutengel song. Their reworked version of this song is also quite good, but as the saying goings, "nothings better than the original". With the beautiful Ullie singing the prechorus, it gives you a feeling of euphoria and of enchantment as you listen to the song. As you listen, you can hear the sound effects of a walkie talkie, a woman's vocals and of course loads of synths layered in the song.

  • Seven


I actually started playing this song about a year ago. It never interested me before but when I first heard it, I fell in love with the dark vibes embedded throughout the music. Definitely the instrumental breaks after the verses is what sold me. I love the ending when one of the female vocals (not sure if it's Constance or some other chick, I know it's definitely not Ullie) sings "Nur du und ich auf dem Weg durch die Nacht."Which roughly translates to, "Only you and me on the way through the night." If you translate the whole song into English, it talks about a woman turning into a "Blood angel" or a vampire and living for eternity with their lover. Romantic, huh?

  • Six


I first was introduced to this song by the Dark Pop remix instead of the original. It was on Soundcloud and I used to listen to it occasionally while walking the halls of my high school. If you've listened to the song, you'd know that I'm glad I listened to it with earphones on (It wouldn't be something I'd proudly blast on a speaker). As it contains sexual language and mostly bdsm related activities. Don't want everyone knowing about that, especially because at that time I was Christian. Yup. But by analyzing the song's lyrics and music, it obviously tells the story of this male vampire who is seeking a companion to run through the night and have lots of sex with. It's mostly a guilty pleasure and not something I'd always listen to. I sometimes giggle at his pronunciation of "youth" because it sounds like "youss". When I first listened to it, I couldn't understand what he was saying because of this. Great song to listen to if you're in the mood.

  • Five

Leaving You

Also part of the same album as Forever, and an oldie. I love the piano and the drum set he used for this song. It sounds way toned down from his regular synth and pumping bass but is still a banger in my book. He basically is breaking up with his girlfriend because he can no longer find a reason to stay and he doesn't have the same feelings anymore. I have been there before. I'm sure we all have. But the real reason I love this song is because of his raw emotions and the depth of them. Also, it's pretty damn deep. Especially with lyrics like, " I know you'll be crying in your room tonight." and "I'm confused about me and you." Along with several other lyrics that I find to be pretty straightforward and direct. I recommend this song because of its ability to ease the listener and at the same time make them feel bad for the girlfriend, or ex- girlfriend. Ouch.

  • Four

Eternal Souls

Now this song is newer in terms of the oldie but goodie songs I've previously listed above. I certainly love the orchestral and big movie soundtrack vibes I get from this song as I listen to it. I especially love the chorus with Chris and Ulrike singing back and forth as the big production goes on in the background. The lyrics are romantic and endearing as well as enchanting. The instruments playing in the background give it a very heavy and full sounding work of musical genius. It has this feeling of dark mystic and dreamy atmosphere that I tend to look for in music.

  • Three

Praise the Lord

Part of their newest album, Un:Gott, this track is very electro dance. It's very lively and has all the characteristics of Blutengel- just more amplified. With the synth in the beginning echoing in your ears, and the other two synths that follow just brings you into that hard hitting drums and infamous lyric, "praise the lord", in all its sarcastic and satirical fashion. I love the dark and heavy atmosphere, the pulsating synths and bass, and all the hidden bells and whistles embedded deep into the song. I love this song because it's easy to get lost in. While I'm in a car, a bus, a train, a tram, or just walking, I can just let my mind wander.

  • Two

Am Ende der Zeit

It was hard to decide for the second best Blutengel song, between Vampire, Morningstar and Am Ende der Zeit" I chose AEDZ (just going to abbreviate it because it's too long to continuously write) because I felt it had more substance than the other two. They are great don't get me wrong, I just like this track more. I love the way it flows and carries me through what he describes as "the end of time", what is at the end? It's quite a body of work, with so much going on in the background it takes multiple listens to notice every little thing. It's filled with heavy and soft instruments that carry the weight of the track. I think it's one of his best works besides many many of his other works on this album that I adore (and other albums as well). Not much else to say about this track other than that I'd listen to it whenever I need a dose of Blutengel.

  • One


Ah, and we've arrived at the final song. "Devil's Work", the hard heavy industrial song that I just can't stop replaying. With its meaningful message and words coursing through my eardrums, it's no wonder I can't put it down. The chorus where Ulrike and Chris play off each other is what made me fall in love. The melodies are rich and captivating. The tempo leaves you wanting to dance sensually because it's so damn good. I honestly prefer his heavy sounds compared to his soothing sad songs. Only because I can't handle the heartbreaking lyrics- they tug on my heartstrings and I don't like it. I'd recommend it if you want a more heavy sound than say a dreamy euphoric feeling.

Well, there you go. I finally finished Part 2 of my series of analyzing and placing Blutengel's best songs (and my favorites) in order from 10 to 1. I hope you enjoyed reading my article. If I feel up to it, I will make a Part 3. Honestly, I could go to 5 parts with the amount of content they have (or discography because they go way back to 1999). Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day/night.