This article is kinda like a introduction for me... so enjoy :^)

My Appearance

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I'm a very petite girl so I'm basically short, skinny, and part of the "ittie bittie tittie committee". I have pretty pale skin, long black wavy hair, and brown eyes.

My Style

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I'm a HUGE fan of causal clothing. Skinny jeans, V-neck tops, tank tops, and cardigans are my stables. (also the usual over sized t-shirt and leggings ofc)

My Shoes

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I basically just cycle through these four types of shoes: combat boots, converse, slip-on vans, and moccasins. I wear my moccasins most often because they are just so comfy!

My Makeup

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I'm pretty minimal when it comes to makeup. Concealer, powder, mascara, liquid eyeliner, chapstick, and I'm done! (oh and some brow powder and clear gel in the eyebrows)

Animals I Adore

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My love for cats is IMMENSE. Black cats and Maine Coons are my absolute favorite! And even though I love cats so much, I still love dogs just as much! (big dogs in particular are my favorite) I would DIE for my pets cause I love them so so much ahh!

Music I Like

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My favorite genre of music would have to be classic rock (or just music that varies from the 60s-80s). The Beatles and Steely Dan are probably my two most favorite, but there are definitely many other artists that I like!

Games I Play

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