Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows of all time, it just makes you feel at home no matter what. NYC? Check. Fashion? Check! An iconic friendship and romance? Hell yeah.
So, I decided I was going to answer some questions about this amazing show.

Favorite character ?

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image Image removed Image removed blair waldorf and gossip girl image

Come on, you know it has to be the queen herself.

Favorite friendship ?

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Is there any other answer to this question?

Most underrated friendship ?

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Boy, when these two got together, friends or more, they were a force to be reckoned with.
And I ship Chuck and Blair as well, but intellectually, Dan and Blair connected more than with the others.

Favorite parent ?

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I didn't like her in the beginning, but she became the best, most supportive parent on the show. Along with Dorota.

Least favorite main character ?

gossip girl, jessica szohr, and vanessa abrams image beaty, beauty, and clothes image gossip girl, vanessa abrams, and vanessa abramos image gossip girl, vanessa abrams, and xoxo image

Vanessa always managed to just screw things up and stick her nose in places where it doesn't belong. No shade to Jessica Szohr though, she's gorgeous.

Supporting character you liked

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Crazy bitch made things interesting.