I know I'm a bit late to the party but I decided to take the episodes slowly, given the fact that they're so intense, and I also gave myself a few days to rest my head after I finished them 'cause I was so mad at the end, like SO MAD, that writing the commentary at that moment would have been a disaster.

I took notes according to the episodes but I'll merge them and go by characters and topics in this article. Please keep in mind that this is not a review but a commentary, where I'll be sharing my personal opinion and thoughts about the season. I'm also not a professional on any of the matters discussed, so don't take my word as sacred.

I hope you enjoy reading... and bring a cup of tea, this a long one.


Please don't read this if you haven't watched or finished the show, a spoiler-free life is better, I promise.

1. Characters


To quote my notes:

"I DONT LIKE ANI" (ep.6)
"Ani's mom: I like. Ani: pure lies." (ep.11)

In my personal opinion, if you find yourself close to someone like Ani, run in the other direction.

She was a full-on lier, to start with, and she also managed to move her personality, her world and the people around her to suit her best interest, which is not ok.

You cannot trust someone like that. You'll never know if they're on your side or waiting to stab you in the back.

I'm still annoyed at her for kissing Clay, too. How does she even dare?

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Clay has been the reason I keep watching this show since day one. 'Cause I hated the first season, I hated it all, except for Clay. I thought the character and his development was brilliant and I thought Dylan was brilliant too. And I still do.

I believe he should be some kind of counsellor when he's older and I also believe we all need a Clay in our lives.

Is he messed up? Yes, he is. Is he broken? Yes, he is.

He lost Hannah in the worst of ways and then she broke him with the tapes, what else can you expect?

And when he finally manages to lift himself up he ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wich brings him down again.

I think Clay's biggest weakness is that he invests himself in other people way too much. But that's also his biggest blessing. As I said before, we all need a Clay in our lives.

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Oh, Ty. The best character of the season, by far. Devin did an INCREDIBLE job.

The development in him is just... wow. The fact that he can only physically tell with his own words what happened to him to Clay still gets me. Also how he was able to stand up in the crowd only with Clay there. It shows so much depth in the characters and their relationships.

When you can see him slowly standing taller and happier in the pictures, too. Ahhh, he made my soul happier.

"I'm sorry I have so much rage. I wasn’t born with it."


He is the vivid representation of people getting better. We can get better. It's not easy, but possible.

His personality started to make sense in this season, and I'm happy that he's finally in a decent environment. He deserves it.

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I. don't. care. what. people. say. he. was. not. evil.

He was messed up, which is very different.

And he was finally understanding who he was and what he did, he just didn't know how to make it better... and no one helped him. He needed to apologize, give back and make up for all the pain he caused.

He just needed to heal. if you don't believe me then go back and re-watch the yoga scene. It was breathtaking.

I'm not saying he deserves forgiveness, I'm saying he wanted to change and we have to allow that. If not, then what's left for the rest of us?

He didn't deserve to die. And he didn't deserve to die in that horrible way.

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A son of circumstances. Not good or bad. Not black or white, grey.

His anger came out of fear. He was, in a way, the Draco Malfoy of this story.

I wish I could have held his hand. I wish he gets the truth he deserves.

I'm sorry, Monty.

2. Topics

Kids taking care of kids

This should not be a thing. We take care of our friends, we protect them and we help them. But teenagers cannot take responsibility for helping a messed up human being to heal when they're just as messed up.

Fighting anger with anger

Here... I'm sorry if you're not with me, but I believe that fighting anger with anger or violence with violence is a huge mistake. It only leads you to worse things. You have to make noise to make a change but you need to know how and when. You can't just go and scream just to scream.

For example, Bryce's funeral protest. A hundred times no.

Even if it's only his mother mourning him, she deserves the right to do it at peace. Even if he was the worst human being alive (which he wasn't).

"Violence attracts violence."

Parents jobs at raising kids

Parents don't realise how much they can hurt their kids. They do the best they can with what they have. But that doesn't mean they're good at it.

A crucial moment in the series is in episode 6 when Clay asks his mom if she thinks he could kill someone, she answers with an "it doesn't matter" and Clay shouts "yes, it does". Because it does.

If your own mother thinks that of you with no actual irrevocable proofs, then what's left?

If you get raised as Monty did, how else do you expect to act like?

The police and justice system

“You guys just decided it was me.”

Angry face. Yep. That’s these days justice. They just wanna blame someone.

And to be honest, we don't help either. In order for the police to do their job, they need us to be honest and cooperate, to do as Ty did when he had the support he needed. Not like the other bunch of... you know what.

Accountability for your actions

Easy to explain, Zach vs. Alex. Do you get it?

This group of kids decided to destroy a life and they were aware of it. They’re worse than Bryce.

I said before that you should protect your friends, but there's a limit. Ruining other people is the limit. Even if they're dead.

Alex should learn from Zach, he's truly braking the violence cycle by turning himself in and paying for what he did.

I mean... leaving it on his dad's hands. Of course he wouldn't say anything.

They even talk about pain being caused but you cause pain by lying. You stop pain by being honest, respectful and responsible. There's no pain in justice.

3. Others

Past vs. present differentiation

I'm very picky in these sort of things, mostly because storytelling is my thing. But the fact that I couldn't easily separate past from present threw me off a lot. I was confused half of the time. And if it was the team's intention, great. But I didn't like it. Took me a while to figure out the change of the screen size. And by the end, the colouring still didn't make sense.

My favourite scene

When Tyler finally tells to Clay what happened to him.

Both broke my heart and made me believe in humanity.

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This was beautiful. The scene itself was. So so so well made and so meaningful too. It makes the whole season worth the watch.

You finally see Tyler healing his wounds and Clay being the incredible man he can be.

I even found myself shouting to the screen "ASK HIM IF YOU CAN HUG HIMMMM". And almost crying when he finally did.

Beyond the Reasons

The mini-documentary thingy they make for each season might be one of the best things of the whole show. Especially 'cause it explains things and makes you think from the outside perspective.

On this time's one, what stuck the most with me is what Brian Yorkey said:

"Monsters, for the most part, are not born. They’re made.”

Ahhh, a masterpiece. It also correlates with my way of seeing things, 100%.

He also said that they make the characters make the wrong choices in the hope that we'll identify them. 'Cause teenagers mess up, it's part of life, the key is on knowing what's ok and what's not. Wich helped me to find peace with my anger for the ending.

4. Conclusions. Did I like it?

Mmm... season two is still the best one. In this one the story is good but the making of it maybe not so much.

I wish it would have ended here in a decent way. I know happy endings are not always the choice, but still.

It's nice to see tho, how they show the process of healing. How people need the chance to become someone else. And how you should never judge people for their past.

"All we can do is show up."

Ok! I won't make this any longer. If you got here please give it a like so I can know and appreciate you with all my heart.

Have a nice day and don´t forget to look at the sky daily. All the love. LR. x

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