Bourgeois : Think late 1970s and early 1980s bourgeois , refined silhouettes with skirt-cum-culotter blazers , sharply pleated trousers , tailoring and trench coats , the key is creating coherent looks with precise cuts.

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Punk : Enter a silhouette that states loud and clear that its wearer is rebellious and inspired , carving her path with studs , boxy , androgynous designs all of the style-tricks of punk , grunge and bondage , for a cool , detached style revival that defiestired conventions.

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Eighties : The 1980s glitter and shoulder pads included an night-club style a la studio 54 or palace.

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Houndstooth : Dominating silhouettes from head-to-toe , the high-cotrast houndstooth motif saw a fusion of retro spirit with a distindly androgynous allure.

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Capes : a chic and comfortable complement to both casual looks and evening wear.

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Check : the potential for variation around such a simple motif is vast , worn head-to-toe or color-blocked is sure fire way to self-confidence.

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Neon : Drawing inspiration from the 1980s , rave culture and even the nuclear apocalypses demonstrated at Marine serre " what do i want" to shock people , to force them to reflect " Yves Saint Laurent to Vogue in 1971.

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Shearling : never straying far from the failsafe winter trend ? this season sheepskin underwent a more natural regeneration , with energetic , urban and sporty.

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Pop Feathers : For an assured sense of holywood's golden era glamour , bright feather are a tool to be used without reserve.

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Faux-Fur : is more than just a trend , it's prominence on the runways , is symptomatic of the fashion world's growing environmental awareness.

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Exaggerated volume : it's a question of size , espacially when it comes to shoulders and sleeves.

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Dominatrix : with black leather , vinyl , cages and corsets , all of the boxes xere ticked for a definitively bondage inspired winter.

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Lingerie : is also by day , pair a retro-vintage silhouette with lace and baby doll detailing.

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