I was inspired by this one
  • a song that has a color in it´s title
barbie, grunge, and lolita image Temporarily removed
White noise by Ella Vos
  • a song that has a number in it´s title
Image by B1@¢k::D!@m0Nd** aesthetic, color, and cool image
11 minutes by Yungblud
  • a song that reminds me of summer
Image by protectyaenergy Temporarily removed
All for us by Labrith
  • a song that reminds me of someone I would prefer to forget about
gold image aesthetic, girl, and model image
Rescue me by 30 seconds to mars
  • a song that needs to be blasted at the highest volume
friends, girl, and friendship image girl, happy, and summer image
Wannabe by Spice girls
  • a song that makes me dance
Image removed Image removed
Girls by the 1975
  • a song that I listen to while driving/riding in the car
Temporarily removed Abusive image
Things we lost in the fire by Bastille
  • a song that makes me happy
35mm, aesthetic, and disposable camera image Temporarily removed
High school by UMI
  • a song that makes me sad
angelic, blue, and crying image fun, is, and me image
Bye by Mia Smith
  • a song I never get tired of
lover and Taylor Swift image boy, cool, and crazy image
Cornelia street by Tailor Swift
  • a song from my preteen days
Temporarily removed miley cyrus, mothers daughter, and mother's daughter image
Who said by Miley cyrus
  • a song that should play at my wedding
Temporarily removed Image removed
Golden hour by Kacey Musgraves
  • a song that was covered by another artist
shawn mendes image Image by Andrea Fong
Sweater weather by the Neighbourhood but covered by Shawn Mendes
  • a song I would duet for karaoke
marina diamandis image marina and marina and the diamonds image
How to be a heartbreaker by Marina and the diamonds
  • a song released the year I was born
Temporarily removed Image by JXSS
The scientist by Coldplay
  • a song that has many meanings to me
beach, sea, and water image ocean, sea, and aesthetic image
Wave(s) by Lewis del mar
  • a song that has a person's name in the title
chic, clothes, and fashion image accessories, chic, and earrings image
Alexis texas by Cruel youth
  • a song I think everybody should listen to
gif and gun image Abusive image
Prisioner by The weekend and Lana del rey
  • a song that makes me want to fall in love
Abusive image Abusive image
Smithereens by Twenty one pilots
  • a song that breaks my heart
aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Fool for you by Zayn
  • a song by an artist with a voice I love
makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image Image removed
Location by Khalid
  • a song I remember from childhood
aesthetic, fish, and nature image flowers, aesthetic, and pale image
Magic by Selena gomez
  • a song that reminds me of myself
gold, glitter, and feet image Image by mattamanga
God knows I tried by Lana del rey
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