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Sweden wihooo! I genuinely like my country, sure it has many flaws but the high standard of things makes it one of the best countries in the world.


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Iยดm 25% Swedish, 25% Greek and 50% Finnish. But Finland doesnยดt exist in my heart. I feel more Greek and, especially, a lot more Swedish.

Zodiac sign

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Iยดm an Aquarius. I can truly feel a connection to the ocean, but I donยดt know if that has anything to do with it?


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PINK, PINK and... wait for it... PINK.

Hair & eyes

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My natural hair color is golden-brown but Iยดve colored it to a darker brown. My eyes can change a bit in shade depending on light and such, but theyยดre always blue-ish.


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I get excited about fashion and trends but Iยดm not following it dead-serious. I like being comfy and feeling a bit bold.


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At the moment Iยดm a kinda depressed girl soooo Iยดm not really me. But otherwise, Iยดm pretty sassy even though people often assume Iยดm the quiet/shy girl. (I HONESTLY HATE when people call me that).

Hobbies & passions

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Netflix/Youtube, dancing (especially jazz ;) , ballet and modern), MUSIC!!! (I canยดt live without music) and fashion.


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Workwise I think itยดs to become fashion designer, realtionship-wise itยดs to connect with people on a deeper level and generally just to be HAPPY, (however easy that sounds).

Thatยดs it for me,
hope you enjoyed the reading :)