Hello everyone, it's September right now and fall is slowly coming. Summer is definitely over again if we want it or not. Fall is a beautiful time I think and there are some typical fall activities you can do while the leaves are falling from the trees. So that's what we're gonna do today, talking about the things you can do in fall.

Disclaimer, I am not a native English speaker and I don't know if I have to use fall or autumn. In this article I'm gonna use mostly fall I think so yeah, just wanted to say that.

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Things to do in Fall

Going outside in nature
In fall everything outside is so beautiful, the leaves are in beautiful colours and they are falling from the trees. It's our beautiful nature so fall is a really good time to go walking or biking in the woods or just in nature.

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Drinking hot drinks
In summer it's mostly too warm to drink something hot ben when it's finally fall you can drink them as much as you want. I usually drink a cup of hot tea in the morning because when I wake up I'm always cold and the hot tea helps me to feel warmer. Sometimes I also drink hot apple juice with cinnamon, it seems weird but it's delicious. Fall is also the best time for coffee lovers, now you can drink as much coffee as you want, I personally don't drink coffee anymore but I really loved it in the past.

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Me myself and fall: I'm a fall child, literally. I was born in fall, on the 17th of October exactly. I love this season so much, you know why? It isn't that cold like in wintertime but it also isn't that hot as it is in the summer. Some days are sunny and it seems like it's summer again and some days are cold and wet and it seems like it's already winter. I love the difference between these days.

Being inside your house
In summer we're outside most of the time. Maybe you're not that kind of person but I absolutely am. I love going to the beach, biking, picnicking or just being in your own garden. Because I'm outside a lot in summer I really appreciate being home in the months of fall. I love being busy in my room, writing articles, playing the piano, singing while playing the piano, redecorating my room. Just being here in my own room with my favourite music on, I'm happy.

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Redecorating your room/house
After summer it's maybe time to give your room (or your house) a whole new look and decoration. I'm busy with that right now but I will tell you more about that when I'm finally done.

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Doing what you love
While it' raining outside yu v-can do whatever you want inside of your house. I will mostly do something with my piano but if you like to draw, draw, if you like to read, read. Do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy.

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Watching movies
While being in your house you can watch a movie or a series, you can watch on your own or invite your friends to come with you. Together it's always better! If you are a horror fan this is the best time of the year for watching your favourite horror movies while Halloween time it's maybe even more creepy.

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I noticed it a little bit in the previous one but Halloween is coming soon. Best time to watch horror movies with friends, decorating pumpings or if you'r not scared, going outside in a Halloween parade. Or you can do trick or treat with your younger siblings, nieces nephews...

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Go shopping
When summer is over and the days are becoming colder than before you have a reason to go shopping for new clothes. Who doesn't love cosy sweaters and pulls or some beautiful pair of new pants? Our closet wants a refreshing after the summer period so go to your closet and clean it so you have the someplace for new fall clothes.

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We're on the end of this article thank you for reading it. This is my first fall article but I'm gonna write a lot more about this subject; be sure that you follow my account so you don't have to miss any of my next articles. X Linde


Written on the 9th and 11th of September 2019.
Published on the 11th of September 2019