Dear you,
tomorrow school's starting again and here is a bunch of resolutions that I'd like to accomplish during this year.

Let's stay motivated!

1. be kind

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last year, at the end, I started behaving in an annoying way cause I was tired and done with school, this time I don't want it to happen, everyone deserves a smile, specially in the early morning...

2. do my best

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I don't need to be the best student in class or in the whole school, but I WANT to be good and get my job done for myself

3. don't postpone

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as soon as I'll get home and have lunch I will turn off my phone and start my homework so that I'm going to finish them before dinner

4. don't stress

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last year I wasn't feeling good at all, some nights I cried in my bed randomly cause I was feeling so stressed and insecure about my grades... well it turned out i was doing good at school and all that stress was useless, even toxic! This year I must remember to BREATHE :)

5. help others

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I wanna help who in need, but i also want to learn when to ask for help, everyone needs a hand to hold, specially during hard and stressful periods

That's all! Wish me luck for this school year pleaseee ♡


in case you were interested ;)