• Phoebe: brightest woman. The name Phoebe means "pure", "radiant", or "bright"; and was the name of a Titan in Greek mythology. A friendly and amazing person, really adorable, beautiful, kind, and very loveable.
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  • Evie: living and breathing. The name is borne in the Bible by the first woman, "the mother of all the living. From an English surname that was derived from the given name Aveline. Associated with the related name Evelina.
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  • Iowa: beautiful land. The name seems to have no further known etymology though some give it the meaning "sleepy ones".
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  • Eden: Possibly from Hebrew meaning "pleasure, delight", or perhaps derived from Sumerian meaning "plain". According to the Old Testament the Garden of Eden was the place where the first people, Adam and Eve, lived before they were expelled.
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  • Dhara: constant flow. In Sanskrit it means Earth.
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  • Adda: graceful and noble. That begin with the element adal meaning "noble".
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  • Adora: the meaning of the name is the same as the word “adoration” (to adore) and it comes from the adoration of the magic of the infant Jesus.
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  • Alia: from heaven. This name derives from the Old Norse, meaning “holy, blessed”. This name and its variants are a female name
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  • Aneta: gracious, merciful. The name derives from the Latin form of the Greek name "Ánna” meaning graciousness. The name has also been used for numerous saints and queens.
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  • Bess: promise of god. This name derives from the Biblical Greek “Elisábet”, which in turn is composed of two elements: the “ēl” (God) plus “sh'vu'a” (oath). In turn the name means “my God is an oath, my God is abundance”.
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  • Dagny: new day started. This name derives from the Old Norse name “dagný”, composed of two elements: “dagr” (day) plus “nýr” (new). In turn, the name means “new day”.
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  • Electra: shinning and radiant. This name derives from the Ancient Greek “êléktra”, meaning “shining, incandescent”. In Greek mythology, Electra was the daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra, and thus princess of Argos.
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  • Galia: born in waves. This name derives from the Hebrew Masculine noun “gal” meaning “God shall redeem”. The name is linked to the verb “galal” meaning “to roll or roll away”
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  • Ivy: climbing plant. This name derives from the Germanic and Old English, meaning “small yellow flowers¨. Ivy is an evergreen climbing in the family Araliaceae, native to western.
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  • Leah: delicate woman. This name derives from the Hebrew “lê'âh”, meaning “weary”. Leah was the daughter of Laban, first wife of Jacob. Saint Lea is a third-century saint in the Roman Catholic Church on the authority of Jerome about whom little is definitively known.
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  • Naeva: born at night.
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  • Roos: rose blossom. From the Latin “rŏsa”, associated with the word for the fragrant flower "rose". The word derives from the Ancient Greek ródon, maybe from “roe osme”, meaning “flux of smell”.
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  • Sanaa: piece of art. This name derives from the African “Sanaa”, meaning “work or piece of art”.
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  • Teri: summer harvest. This name is a diminutive of Terry and Theresa. It´s of Germanic and Greek origin and comes from the following roots Therasia.
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  • Ubon: lotus flower. Means "lotus" in Thai.
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  • Vivian: full of life. An early Irish name applied to a number of related and unrelated figures in Irish mythology. In some sources is a goddess associated with birth and the sister of the river-goddess, Boann.
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  • Zina: of god zeus. This name derives from the Etruscan, meaning “fiery one, fire, light, rays of the sun”.
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