Hii Guys,
In this article are we talking about the fall, it is almost comming and all the leaves already becomming brown and gold. But what are the most favourite things about the fall? Well in this article you are getting to know me and all of my fall/autumn favourites.

Hot chocolate

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And ofcourse are we starting with Hott chocolate, one of the most lovable things about the fall.


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ohw, i love baking. Always while baking the whole house is smelling delicious and lovely. ohw i love it, and the taste of the cake batter ;)

Make a pompkin scary head

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Decorate pumpkins is one of the things people mostly think of by the fall, and it is a fun thing to do with your siblings and friends. And it looks cute in the house!

Take a bike ride

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Taking a bike ride makes me feel free and tired, LOL.

Stay in bed all day

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Read books, watch movies, put some candles on and put the lights on, make it cozy. Here is a movie list! 1. Sex And The City 1,2 2. If I Fall 3. Clueless Take coffee at a cute local cafe
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take a coffe, hott chocolate write an article and enoy!

Buy fall candles

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Autumn candles make your room feel more like fall and smells lovely.

Listen to fall playlist!

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my fall playlist:


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