Even though my school started last week, I still couldn't stop myself to write this article.

This year is going to be my last year of high school and I am high key terrified for my exams. Since I go to school in the Netherlands, is my school a lot more different than probably the rest of you. I, for example, have to take my exams somewhere in may and when I'm finished with high school, I go to an hbo. I am not even going to try and explain how our school system works. (;

Back to school tips 2019-2020
sit back and relax


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An outfit for school might be super important, but it is better to wear something that you feel comfortable in. At my the heaters are broken (just like every other year), so it is for me not functional to wear dresses and such... Anyway, try to wear comfortable clothes, that works at least for me.

School Supplies

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I know that all those aesthetic and fancy school supplies are cool. But I'm a bit towards the easy and normal school supplies. My pencil case is plain green and my notebooks have simple colours.

Study Habits

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The last couple of years I had the habit to study and so my homework on my bed. However, when I studied on my bed, I had the habit to fall asleep. So, my #1 tip for this school year, do not study on your bed. It doesn't help if you fall asleep.

I guess this is my belated back to school article. Also, I apologize for making the article a bit short. School is already stressing me out and I'm just in my second week...

May we never say goodbye,

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