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A long time ago I found this type of article but I never had time to answer all the questions, so when today I found @stylesadmire article, I decided it was finally my time to do it too!

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1. What’s your favorite color?


blue, neon, and think image fashion, blue, and outfit image

2. What’s your least favorite color?


Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and red image

3. Who’s your girls crush?

Georgia Fowler and Bella Hadid

Image removed bella hadid, black and white, and model image

4. Heels or flats?

I mostly use flats, but if necessary I can, and I will, use heels

classy image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image

5. Window or aisle seat?

Window seat, like everybody I believe

city, light, and travel image Image by Kim

6. Tattoos or piercings?

I have 2 piercings but I prefer tattoos

angel, tattoo, and heart image tattoo, quotes, and tumblr image

7. Coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning, tea at night

coffee, drink, and food image girl, coffee, and cafe image

8. If you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?

“A blue angel”

lockscreen and blue image angel, necklace, and accessories image

9. What is the last country you visited?

Portugal (my home country)

city, portugal, and north image architecture, beautiful, and buildings image

10. What is your favorite country to visit?


fashion, girl, and travel image summer, travel, and beach image

11. Favorite city?

Porto and Barcelona

city, portugal, and north image Barcelona, city, and spain image

12. Favorite music genre?

Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B

13. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My mom

aesthetic, grunge, and red image Temporarily removed

14. If you could play any instrument, which one would it be?


15. If you could do one sport really good, which one would it be?

Football - I always dreamed be a football player and even if I’m good, I’m not good enough to play professionally

athlete, football, and girl image

16. If you could only have one tattoo, which one would it be?

The name “Ritinha” because it was the way my grandfather used to call me…

17. Summer or winter?


Temporarily removed Image by sündos

18. Savory or sweet?


croissant, delicious, and food image food, sweet, and brownies image

19. Dogs or cats?


dog, animal, and puppy image cute, adorable, and dog image

20. Favorite flower?


flowers, blue, and rose image Temporarily removed

21. Favorite actor?

John Krasinski

Image removed actor, adonis, and handsome image

22. Favorite actress?

Natalie Portman

goals and natalie portman image Marvel and thor image

23. Favorite holiday?


christmas, winter, and light image Image removed

24. Diamonds or pearls?


aesthetic, necklace, and luxury image Temporarily removed

25. What was your new years resolution?

Eat healthier

food, healthy, and flowers image food, healthy, and lunch image

26. What’s the cutest thing in the world?


adorable, cutie, and my image Temporarily removed

27. What’s the coolest thing in the world?

Football games

porto, oporto, and fcporto image porto, fcporto, and dragão image

28. If u could go to any concert, which one would it be?

Khalid and Frank Ocean

khalid and shawn mendes image frank ocean and music image

29. Who makes you laugh the most?

My friends

friends, beach, and girl image friendship, girl, and millie hannah image

30. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Tele transportation

31. If u could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

My grandfather

32. Who is your favorite youtuberr?

Diva Depressão - they are Brazilian

33. What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?

Marley & Me

feels, movie, and cries image dogs, marley e me, and cute image

34. Which tv show are you currently watching?

Modern Family and Supernatural (for the third time)

funny, series, and tv show image j2 and comi con 2018 image

35. Your favorite book?

Fight Club

Temporarily removed brad pitt and fight club image

36. Must have beauty product?

Lash Mascara

eyes, blue, and eye image makeup, beauty, and mascara image

37. What’s your zodiac sign?


aries, astrology, and zodiac image meme, funny, and spongebob image

38. Eye color?

Blue, sometimes green…

makeup, eyes, and eye image

39. Hair color?


Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and hair image

40. What’s your favorite thing to wear?

Black skinny jeans

Image by lovelykseen fashion and style image

41. What’s the best way to de-stress?

Watching a movie and eating popcorn or chocolate

friends, movie, and home image christmas, winter, and home alone image

42. Dream job?

When I was a kid I always dreamed about being a football player or a pediatrician, now being a successful business woman is all I dream

43. Where does one go on a perfect road trip?

Across USA

Image by ₍₍ x↯en ꕤ᳕ wallpaper, aesthetic, and city image

44. Favorite quote?

quotes, destination, and situation image Temporarily removed

45. When was the last time you cried?


46. Favorite sound?

People screaming goal every time I go to a game of my favorite team

47. Iphone or android?


blue, aesthetic, and theme image Mature image

48. If u could do a flash mob, where would it be?

NY or LA

49. One movie that you watch over and over again?

Iron Man

Marvel, iron man, and ironman image Marvel, boy, and rdj image

50. Do you like surprises?


51. Favorite animal?


52. Whom would you take on a brunch?

My friends

girls, friends, and bff image girl, friends, and friendship image

53. What would you eat on that brunch?

Pancakes, croissants, coffee… I don’t know, everything I wanted

comida, desayuno, and breakfast image food, coffee, and breakfast image

54. One thing you couldn’t live without?

Music, football

55. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?

5 ?! I don’t know…

56. Favorite band?

One Direction

boyband, concert, and gif image

57. Favorite solo artist?

Khalid and Frank Ocean

58. Favorite smell?

Hot chocolate

autumn, chocolate, and Cinnamon image marshmallow, hot ​chocolate, and drink image

59. Scary movies or happy endings?

Scary movies

60. Favorite childhood movie?

Lion King

61. Favorite movie?

I don’t know… I love all the movies from Marvel Universe but I also love the Conjuring Universe…

Abusive image Temporarily removed

62. What color is your toothbrush?


63. What curse word do you use all the time?

The f word

Abusive image Image removed

64. What are you most excited about these days?

Be able to stay home watching netflix while rains outside

65. Name an outdoor activity you love doing?

Read and run

beach, book, and girl image fitness, run, and fit image

66. What color dress would you wear to prom?

My prom was 3 years ago and I wore a red dress

67. What was your first job?

Data analyst

68. Are you scared of the dark?


red, aesthetic, and light image

69. What was the name of your first pet?

Never had one…

70. Best piece of advice ever given to you?

Just go for it! Don’t stop until you’re proud/happy

71. Are you left or right handed?


72. Best compliment that you have received?

That I looked like an angel

angel, pink, and wallpaper image angel, necklace, and accessories image

73. What’s advice would you give to your younger self?

U can do it!

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