this year, 2019, has been a bit.. off? everything seems scrambled, and i think everyone is experiencing that. this fall season will be different, i am counting on it.

crisp air

going outside during the morning, dew on the ground, when breathing in fills your lungs with cool and fresh air. you arrive on campus, and the smell of coffee beans with spice makes your smile larger than you could ever imagine.


this year, the pumpkin patch is calm. the pumpkins seem to be the most vibrant orange color you have ever placed your eyes on. the apples dangle on the trees, asking to be picked. the cashier smiles at you as she hands you a dried sunflower from the hot summer. you sit on the couch in the small shack by the fire, grabbing a small book off the shelf as you drink apple cider.


fall has always been your favorite, sweaters are warmer, softer, cozier each year. the fireplace in the local cafe burns brightly and radiates heat to warm your cold toes.


the moon has made it's appearance in the star filled sky, the quiet melodies of ukuleles and guitars filling up the peaceful silence.

and thats why this fall will be different. we have all grown. this fall will hit differently.

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