In this article, I make honour to the land I was born in: Mexico. As some foreigner may have thought, May is not important at all for us (practically no one here celebrates 5 de Mayo!), but September, since it is September 16th our Independence day.

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Miguel Hidalgo y Costila is considered the father of our Independence. He's the face of the 1000 pesos bill (I've actually never seen one yet!)

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On the night of the 15th, there are parties everywhere. We get a special transmission where our President goes out in the Zocalo to give El Grito (literally, The Scream). It's is to cheer our country and our national heroes.

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On the morning of the 16th, there's a parade our military makes. They salute the president and the people and show off some weapons. It's also transmitted on TV.

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My country is all about bright colours.

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In this special holiday, our food is all Mexican food! Childe en nogada (with all the colours of our flag), tamales, tacos and pozole!


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An eagle eating a snake in a nopal is the center of our flag.
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