Okay I gotta get to the point - this article is about guys that are "not-so-much good looking" (compared to your exes, or the guys that exactly ARE "your type".

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...because, this is what's going on in my life right now - I like a guy I don't even like.

He is not very handsome, compared to me or my exes. And I gotta tell you, I really am realistic about myself, but hey - we are all out of someone's league, right?

I'm gonna be brutally honest - I don't like his face. That doesn't mean he's ugly (okay, maybe a little bit), but JUST NOT MY TYPE. On the contrary - his body is amazing I could die... Muscles, abs... Omg.


With him, I had an amazing time, we talk to each other every single day (he lives in another city, where I plan to move to in like 10 months maybe - strictly because of me)... He is amazing, intelligent, FUNNY - he makes me laugh so much, he encourages me if I feel demotivated (we work for the same company)... I never felt like this in a long time.

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Literally, this is how I feel. What's most important, I think that he can keep up with me - me, my passion for life, motivation, ambition... Almost ALL of my exes couldn't keep up with my rhythm. They always felt threatened and overwhelmed with me by their side - their ego was always hurting due to my ACTIVE nature.

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And, when it comes to him, he doesn't feel threatened and is not in need to put me down so he can feel like a man.

Now, this may sound stupid (yes, I'm aware of that) - I'm kinda worried what the OTHERS will say if they see us together... And by others I mean my family, everyone I know... I know this thinking is a happiness killer, but that's just how I feel right now...

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And I don't know what to do... Yes, I could have every man I want - I swear I'm not kidding - but I was never happy with all those muscly, sharp jaw dudes that make any girl squirt just by looking at her. I don't want to screw things up with him and be sorry later.

What do you girls&guys think on this topic?