Have no doubts girls and boys and boys and girls, IM A TAYLOR SWIFT FAN. That being said, I will try my best to be completely unbiased in reviewing TayTay's new album. So here are my thoughts on all 18 songs and the vibe I associate with each of them.

1. I Forgot That You Existed

For me this song is the perfect start to the album. It gives off very simple black and white vibes. It feels like freedom to me. To not care about some drama that happened in the past is truly liberating. Really just fell in love with this one.

Taylor Swift and lover image Taylor Swift, lover, and vogue image
it isn't love it isn't hate, it's just indifference

2. Cruel Summer

This song is SUCH A BOP. The melody is true to the essence of its meaning. I think it's a very relatable song too because many a times in our lives we go through this whole season with so many changes and events occurring all at once that only SUCH a song as cruel summer could encompass the complete experience.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and lover image
devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes

3. Lover

This is obviously a single cause it's also the album title guys, DUH!!! Many people love this song and yeah, it is also true to its name but it just didn't make it to my top faves. It's soft and sweet and ABSOLUTELY lovely but it's just not my style.

album, icon, and layout image lover and Taylor Swift image lover, music video, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and lover image
swear to be over dramatic and true to my lover

4. The Man

Girlie obviously made a statement in this song. She called out the hypocrisy that still exists today in the mainstream regarding gender discrimination. And honestly, I don't think this upbeat song requires any more explanation except itself.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and vmas image
i'd be just like leo in saint-tropez

5. The Archer

This is one of the most lyrically strong songs in the whole album. Its lyric video can be found on YouTube and even though it has no beat drop or anything conventional like that, it hits you right in the feels.

Temporarily removed
who could ever leave me darling, but who could stay?

6. I Think He Knows

AAA SWEET MOTHER OF CATS!!!! This song is amaze-balls. Since it has no visuals yet, following pictures are what I associate with it. Such a happy and sweet song.

Temporarily removed Taylor Swift, swiftie, and 1989 image
i want you, bless my soul

7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG ON THE WHOLE ALBUM. It's a hybrid of wildest dreams and getaway car. It's the kind of song you fall in love listening to. It's magical. It's political. It's beautiful. It's everything. If this isn't a single I'll be the one heartbroken. P.s the Trump hint wasn't missed.

Taylor Swift and lover image Taylor Swift image blue, dance, and dress image blue, lover, and music image
no cameras catch my pageant smile

8. Paper Rings

I swear this one made my ship sail so hard. I really wish Taylor and Joe would get married already. Imagine flowers and white all around you cause it's a wedding. And not just any wedding but TayTay's!!!!! I think I'd have a stroke right there. Anyway this song is obviously a bop.

Taylor Swift and lover image Taylor Swift and lover image
i like shiny things but i'd marry you with paper rings

9. Cornelia Street

This song made me so happy and yet so sad at the same time. It's bittersweet. It's about how we associate people with places and every time we go to that particular place, all those memories come rushing back. It's truly a piece of art.

celebrity and Taylor Swift image lover, Taylor Swift, and flowers image
barefoot in the kitchen, secret new beginnings

10. Death By A Thousand Cuts

This song doesn't have any visuals yet either so following are the pictures I associate with it. For me it is a tale of how beautifully tragic it is to separate from someone you loved in an extremely harsh way.

Taylor Swift, instax, and Reputation image Taylor Swift, 1989, and makeup image Taylor Swift, 1989, and makeup image Taylor Swift image
i ask the traffic lights if it'll be alright, they say i dont know

11. London Boy

This particular song is just really good. I don't think lover has any bad song but london boy has a special place. ITS PROBABLY MY SECOND FAVORITE. I really hope this one is a single too. Y'all have to listen to this one if you haven't already.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
now i love high tea, stories from uni, and the west end

12. Soon You'll Get Better

This song is dedicated to Taylor's mom while she was battling cancer. It perfectly catches the feelings of turmoil that one goes through when a loved one is in pain or is ailing. I wish no one ever has to relate to this song but I also know everyone does at some point. It's part of life, I guess.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and photoshoot image
in doctor's office lighting, i didn't tell you i was scared

13. False God

Many people have described this song as "absolutely gorgeous" and I can't say I disagree. It's all about how love is just something that becomes "holy" at some point. Can't say I appreciate this song lyrically but the beat really is nice.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, red, and taylor image
they said the road gets hard and you get lost when you're lead by blind faith

14. You Need To Calm Down

Again not my favorite but many people loved it. Not much to say about it either since the music video is self explanatory. Ofc the Katy Perry moment in the mv was pretty iconic.

Taylor Swift, katy perry, and you need to calm down image lover, music video, and lgbt image
cause snakes and stones never broke my bones

15. Afterglow

Another song with black and white vibes. It has such an aesthetic beat, accurately capturing the emotions of someone who accidentally ruined something they cherished so much.

aesthetics, alternative, and celebrities image aesthetics, alternative, and blue image
why'd i have to break what i love so much

16. Me!

The first song from the album that ever came out. Made me so excited for the whole era. It's really mainstream and the music video definitely depicts the alter ego of Brendon Urie's Panic At The Disco. Probably my third favorite off the whole album.

me!, music video, and singer image me! and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, lover, and Swift image Temporarily removed
i promise that you'll never find another like me

17. It's Nice To Have A Friend

Taylor definitely experimented with this one cause it's kinda monotone but definitely not bad sounding to the ears because as I said, this album doesn't seem to have any bad song.

aesthetics, celebrities, and fashion image Taylor Swift image
light pink sky up on the roof, sun sinks down

18. Daylight

Taylor actually said she was considering making this the title of the album and it figures because this song is an absolutely spell binding beauty. THIS SONG HAS MY HEART. It's dazzling both lyrically and in terms of melody.

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
i once believed love would be burning red but it's golden


And that's the whole album. I should tell y'all that I wrote about every song in this article while actually listening to it and mentioned my favorite lyrics from that song underneath the images.

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