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Here I am with another article in this self-love series. Ty for all the support and all the hearters out there that are hearting my articles. It means a lot to me. So today we are going to be talking about ways to deal with anxiety when it hits. These tips are for when your heart starts racing, you start losing your breath and feeling like the whole world is about to end. And maybe sometimes it isn't that extreme but there are this constant palpitation and tightness in your chest and you have to carry it around you wherever you go and I know it can be heavy. So here are 5 tips on how to subside the symptoms of anxiety when they hit so that they are less of a burden and they don't stop you from living the life you truly and honestly deserve.

Tip no 1: Distract yourself with a movie/series episode.

I know some people might judge this as running away from your problems but the things that most of the time there is no problem. Most of the time the fears that crepe through your head have no logic at all. So at times taking a break from the incessant spiraling of thought and distracting yourself with one of your favourite series is the best thing you can do. Currently finished watching Elite. I really enjoyed it. Most of the time you will feel better by the end of the episode and you are ready to go on with your day and if not there are more tips coming your way, I got you :)

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Tip no 2: Take a shower

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There is something about taking a shower that always clears my head. Take it to the next level and pamper yourself while you're at it, use that face mask and that fancy bath oil, you deserve it.

Tip no 3 : lavender essential oil

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This does wonders guys. Add some to your diffuser and soak in the smell of heavenly calming lavender. If you don't have a diffuser don't worry, put some drops of Lavander in one hand rub your two hands together and then take a couple of breaths. Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy for its effect of calming the nervous system and it deserves the hype because it works. You can also add some to a water-filled sprits bottle and sprits around like crazy.

Tip no 4: Watch vlogs of people doing what gives you anxiety

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My favorite thing to watch is vlogs of you tubers doing the things that give me most anxiety-like cleaning and studying. This shows you it is doable and if they can do it why not you. It's important not to compare your life to theirs but go ahead and gain that inspiration that you need. I usually do this while exercising, so it works even better at calming my anxiety.

Recommend - Kalyn Nicholson and Adrienne hill ,

Tip no 5: Do something good for others

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Most of the time we are so stuck in our own head that all we ever focus on is our selves. You are not to blame for this because at times when anxiety hits all you want to do is roll in a ball and stay away from others. But believe me helping others adds purpose to your life and this helps you get your head away from your problem and hey you are contributing in adding more light to the world. For instance volunteer or create art that others can relate to or write an article here on we heart it to inspire others ( am doing that right now haha and it is working wonders). We all have something to offer to the world, find what it is and do it with gusto.

I hope this tips help you out and I want you to know that you are not alone. Others all over the world are going through what you are going through and together we can help each other through it. If you like this article feel free to check out all the others I will link below and feel free to message me any questions or topics you would love me to write about.

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