⚛︎ Waking up

I get up at 6am and time is soo early ugh

⚛︎ Stretches and Making the bed

Stretching is very relaxing thing and now It is my habit.Actually I am dispersed person but my bed should be clean and neat

bed, feet, and get up image

⚛︎ Clean my face and dress up

I usually wear casual clothes,I like stylish clothes,too.Clean my face is necessary

Image by Sharay De Oro awesome, fashion, and gorgeous image

⚛︎ Breakfast and brush my teeth

I like pancakes,fruits,cereal and croissants

food, breakfast, and coffee image

⚛︎ Go to school

I cant live without learning,intelligence is a perfect thing.Sometimes I dont like school because of some people but trust me,no one is worth knowledge

school, autumn, and fall image

⚛︎ Back to home and shower

All day's stress has gone and I am soo happy now

bathroom, home, and shower image bathroom, house, and home image

⚛︎ Writing a blog

Blog and diaries helps to relax

content, mix, and mixed image

⚛︎ Studying with candles

Candles are keeping autumn soul well and every scent remembers me different things.

autumn, fall, and Halloween image home, cozy, and decor image

⚛︎ Watching films or reading books

nutella, unicorn, and Twix image book and studying image

Thank you for reading <3