Hey hearters!
Today I will provide some tips to helps you create your autumn mood.

Some people said to me that autumn is the ugliest seasson of the year but I think it's the prettiest one! You just must to create a mood to feel it. And I will help you :)

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So most of people say to me: autumn is a bleak seasson at which it is constantly raining.
And what's the problem? Rain? Really?
Rainy days can be fun too! You just need to know how to plan them.

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1) Wear comfortable clothes
Take off your bra, put on a baggy sweater, warm socks and leggins and you are ready!

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2) Make some snacks
Just imagine... apple pie with whipped cream and hot pumpkin spice latte... mmm :))

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3) Movie time! :)
And that's my favorite part. I can suggest you some movies and you will choose what you wan't to watch.

  • Before i fall
  • One day
  • If I stay
  • Dear John
  • Creep
  • Hush
  • The strangers
  • Notebook
  • Don't breathe
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So this was the list of rainy days but if if the weather is good and sun is shining, you can go to outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather

1) Go outside
I love to walk in nature and wach her color change. It helps to forget problems, find inspiration for art.

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2) play in a pile of leaves
With friend or alone. It doesn't matter. It's fun.

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3) Fall fashion
Fall fashion is the most beautiful! Colors, fluffy coats, hats, berets, scarves, sweaters, skirts... I love it! I’ll give inspiration for an outfit for the fall.

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4) Read a book
If you have more time, I suggest you take the book and read it. This can be fun if you are in a cozy place like a cafe, library, park ... Pumpkin spice latte and a good book can create good autumn vibes.

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Sorry for bad english and thank you for reading :)
I hope you enjoy.