Even though I really enjoy the summer, I think fall is my favorite season of the year. It's getting darker and colder outside, the colorful leaves are dancing in the wind, the rain is making calming sounds on the roof top, the air is crisp and it just smells so freakishly good

(Did somebody say introvert season?)

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* This means I can snuggle up to my bf under a big, fat blanket, light candles and binge watch tv series together all day - without feeling guilty anymore

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* On a not-so-rainy-day, I will force our lazy asses out of bed to go for a walk in the woods. Maybe light a campfire and drink som hot chocolate, too

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* Shoutout to all the books I bought this year but never read. You guys are now getting my attention again, eyyyy

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* I recently bought myself an electric piano, and at the moment I'm practicing to play Rivers Flow In You by Yiruma. I like that song sooo much

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* I also have plans to bake some delicious cinnamon buns I can eat while I carve out scary pumpkin faces. I'm never getting to old for that. NEVER

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This season, in a wierd but good way, motivates me to take action and do something with my life. I hate the feeling of living my life on repeat. I'm desperatly in need for a change right now, and since I'm not able to move to another city or start college until next year, I have to think smaller. So tomorrow I'm dying my hair. Again

Even the leaves gets tired of being green all the time